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The toughest roads take you on the most beautiful journeys. If there is a road that is a testimonial for this, then it is without doubt the road from Manali to Ladakh. A road journey to, in and around Ladakh acquiesces the travellers with some of the most dangerous challenges that one can face during a road trip in a terrain as difficult as the Himalayas. However, the journey rewards its travellers more handsomely than one can possibly expect, making it perhaps the best experience of their lives.  We at Roads Less Travelled have curated a list of top 10 ladakh road trip videos ever. The list features some of the most fascinating stories to the most dramatic dirt biking videos. From the story of a son who completes his father’s dream of riding to the highest motorable road to the story of an adventurer who braved the cold of Ladakh and lived off the land like a nomad, a bus ride to the land of lamas to most extreme cycling one can ever do (downhill mountain biking on the Stok Kangri ridge). Watch these 10 adrenaline pumping videos that prove why Ladakh is a biker’s Mecca.

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1) Time Lapse in the Land of the Broken Moon


This Ladakh Road Trip video will surely present the most beautiful sunrise & sunset you would have ever seen. Anurag Jetly, an acclaimed Himalayan photographer captures Ladakh at its most beautiful. He presents each aspect of the region in detail – Monasteries, Valleys, Lakes, Prayer Flags, Starry Starry Night Sky tied on high passes


2) A Biker’s Sojourn from Mumbai to the Top of the World

Gaurav Jani’s (Dirk Track Productions) ) solo motorcycle journey from Mumbai to the Changthang plateau in Ladakh, covering locations that have never been filmed before. Riding through the exceptionally beautiful landscapes of Ladakh, Gaurav tells us of the difficulties one faces and what to expect on such journeys. He explores an ancient restricted tantric monastery where the body of Lama is mummified, learning about history of the place and the myths associated with it. He interacts with the ‘changpas’, inhabitants of the plateau who live at the highest altitudes used by mankind, capturing moments of beauty, pain, love, hardship, self doubt and spiritual triumphs.



3) The Himalayan Nomad with a Motorcycle

This video is a glimpse of the film ‘Motorcycle Chang pa’ which is about a mind-blowing journey of a person on foot, horses and bike over the time period of a year. He makes his way through the cold desert of Changthang, getting in close contact with raw nature. It shows his interaction with the nomadic people, analyzing their lifestyle and culture. The scenes captured are extremely beautiful, something completely out of this world. The music highlights the serenity of the place, the spirit of humanity attached to it and sets the theme of curiosity which leads all expeditions.

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4) Biker Scales Heights of Ladakh on His Royal Enfield to Complete Fathr’s Dream

This Ladakh Trip video definitely deserves to be in the top ten. Bikers father’s death on that very bike and him taking over the ride when his own fatherhood is day’s away, gives a very optimistic perspective towards life. And you find yourself unconsciously wishing him well. In this video look out for moments when they are high-fiving and camera juggling (7:42 To 9:19) which generates a rush of adrenaline. The cinematography and music bring out the thrill of the journey and leave you with an urge to pack your bags and get on that Enfield

5) Biking on the Toughest Road in the World 

If this video does not invoke the sleeping adventurer in you, I don’t know what will. It covers the Ladakh Freeride Expedition 2013, people exploring the deserted mountains of Ladakh on bicycles. The amazing cinematography shows its rough terrain. The music adds to the thrill of riding a bicycle on such a high altitude, it creates a mood of seeking something and living life on the edge. Imagine the kind of adrenaline rush you would get while riding a bike down a hill, it’s the closest you can get to feeling like the ‘king of the world’.

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6) The Journey To The Unknown Lake of Ladakh


This Manali Leh video shows awesome footage of 4 riders on the banks of little known Kiagar Tso lake. Kiagar Tso is always overshadowed by the big brother Pangong and Tso Moriri when it comes to lakes, but this video captures the serenity of the lake when they are riding around nomads and their horses.Must watch footage between 4:00 and 5:00. Besides the lake, this high energy film shows the rough terrain and beauty of Ladakh. It has glimpses of monasteries and Interaction with the local kids. Overall this video captures the spirit of a true explorer.


7) Chasing Tornado’s On The Road To Ladakh


This leh Ladakh video shows a set of bold bikers making their way through the Moore plains, with a mini tornado building up on their side. Biking through these deserted hills, with no sign of life is definitely a daring act. The tornado is trivial but is enough to generate a deafening sound. For your own sake, turn the sound off before watching it.

8) Off – Roading on the Highest Plains on Earth


Moore plains is the highest flat stretch of plains on this earth. 40 kms of flat land at a height of 4400 meters is a paradise for dirt bikers. This video made on GoPro showcases the freedom in the mountains enjoyed by the dirt bikers. Throughout the video there is an overtone of freedom, a feeling of leaving the world behind and travelling to the unknown. The music adds to the thrill and portrays the roughness attached to it.

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9) Riding on a Bus to the Land Of Lamas


This video covers some beautiful scenes on the road from Manali to Leh. The filming is good and it seems they have captured everything they possibly could. You can see their reaction to everything and their enjoyment along the way is a pleasure to watch. Travelling through the snow capped hills of Manali and the deserted hills of Leh they have covered all the aspects of a joyful bus ride.

10) Sneak Peak On The Stars In Ladakh – 3 Idiots


We all love movies but little do we realize the efforts that are put in to make them. This video shows the behind the scenes of one of Bollywood’s best films, ‘3 Idiots’. To shoot at place’s like Ladakh is not an easy task. The entire crew is seen getting a health checkup done. The actors describe it as an exceptionally beautiful place. It highlights the problems that arise due to the unpredictable weather, the crew gets separated and half of them are left behind. We can’t help but sympathize with their situation and realize the kind of hardships they face. All the problems aside, everyone stood united and maintained a sporty spirit which is what gave them the strength to overcome all the difficulties and return home safely. This video is truly enchanting.

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Cover Photo Credit: Prabhu B Doss

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