7 Enchanting Lakes Of Himachal Pradesh

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What do you all think of when you hear ‘Himachal Pradesh’?

Mountains, snow, Shimla, Manali, temples, hill stations, freezing cold brrr….

But have you heard of the lakes of Himachal?

Himachal has a number of beautiful and enchanting lakes. There are lakes on high altitudes like the Chandra Tal and Suraj Tal which the campers and trekkers enjoy and then there are lakes on on mid or low altitude like the Khajjiar lake and Rewalsar Lake that are also very beautiful that can be your weekend getaways.

A delight for the sore eyes, these beautiful lakes are a must MUST visit when in Himachal!




The Chandra Tal translated, as ‘The Lake of the Moon’ is located at a high altitude of 4,300 metres at the Spiti Valley. The lake is 2.5 kms wide and changes colors according to the moody sky. The lake is surrounded by beautiful Himalayas vistas and is popular among the campers. Trekkers camp on its banks during spring when it’s profusely covered in wild flowers. The Kunzum pass is only 7 kms away and can be travelled on foot. A motor-able route from Batal is also accessible.

Fun Fact: It’s said that the underground water replenishes this crescent shaped lake because it doesn’t have a water source.

Mountain Silhouette reflecting in the Chandra Tal  Photo Credits - Sayantan Bhattacharya

Mountain Silhouette reflecting in the Chandra Tal Photo Credits – Sayantan Bhattacharya/flickr


The Suraj Tal Lake is in the Lahaul Valley quite close to the Chandra Tal. It is considered holy because it’s the Lake of the Sun God. It lies at the heel of the Bara-lacha-la Pass, which connect Lahaul to Ladakh. The enchanting Suraj Tal Lake is the source of the Bagha River, which is a tributary of the Chenab River. As it’s considered a sacred lake and is situated at an altitude of 4950 meters, this lake attracts a lot of devotees as well as campers. This place is a photographer’s and nature lover’s paradise.

Fun Fact: The Suraj Tal is India’s 3rd highest lake and the 21st highest lake in the World.

Blue Waters of Suraj Tal Photo Credits - Ajay Panachickal/flickr

Blue Waters of Suraj Tal Photo Credits – Ajay Panachickal/flickr


The Parashar Lake is named after the Sage Parashar. It’s 49kms from the Mandi district and at an altitude of 2730 meters. Legends say that Sage Parashar meditated at this place for a while. There is a three storied pagoda temple right next to the lake is devoted to the sage and the lake is guarded by majestic peaks. You can go to Lake Parashar through Drang. This is a perfect spot for a little get-away or even a fun picnic.

Fun Fact: Mythology says that Bheem, one of the Pandava brothers pushed a mountain with his elbow to create this lake and that’s why this lake is unfathomable.

Beautiful Horizon at Parashar Lake Photo Credits - Sayantan Bhattacharya/ flickr

Beautiful Horizon at Parashar Lake Photo Credits – Sayantan Bhattacharya/ flickr


The Nako Lake is at an altitude of 3662 meters above sea level and is situated in Kinaur district. The Lake looks ethereal as it reflects the trees and the village on its clear surface. Poplar and willow trees encircle the Lake. The Nako Lake serves as a part of the border of the quaint little Nako village. Nako Lake is a good spot for exploring, hiking and to experience a spiritual atmosphere.

Fun Fact: There are four Buddhist temples around the lake and footprint impressions ascribed to Guru Padmasambhava.

Reflections in the Nako Lake  Photo Credits -Sayantan Bhattacharya/flickr

Reflections in the Nako Lake Photo Credits -Sayantan Bhattacharya/flickr



The Khajjiar Lake is situated in a small town called Khajjiar in the Chamba district. The lake is located in the heart of a vast evergreen meadow that is cupped by the dense Cedar trees that surround it. A lot of travellers have said that the Meadow with the Lake in the centre looks heavenly! Khajjiar gets its name from the diety Khajji Nag. Khajjiar is situated between Dalhousie and Chamba, two frequently visited hill stations of Himachal. The Khajjiar Lake is now drying up and steps are being taken to conserve it.

Fun Fact: the locals call Khajjiar “Mini Switzerland” because of its beauty.

Khajjiar Meadow and Lake Photo Credits - Srinivasan G

Khajjiar Meadow and Lake Photo Credits – Srinivasan G


The Manimahesh Lake also known as Dal Lake of Himachal is considered one of the most holy lakes in India. It’s situated near the Manimahesh Kailash Peak in the Pir Panjal Range of the mighty Himalayas, in Chamba district. Devotees of Shiva come from all over the country to take blessings. The ‘Manimahesh Yatra’ or the religious pilgrimage starts around the month of August and September. There are three routes to the Manimahesh Lake: via Kugti Pass, via Karwasi pass or Jalsu pass and via Bharmour.

Fun Fact: Mythology says that Lord Shiva performed penance for about a 100 year here. It’s said that a waterfall of water gushed out of this tangled hair and formed this lake.

Ariel view of Manimahesh Lake

Ariel view of Manimahesh Lake


Popularly known as Tso Pema by the Buddhist, The Rewalsar Lake is a mid altitude lake, 1360 meters above sea level. The Lake is 25 kms from Mandi. Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs consider this square shaped Lake sacred. There are 3 Hindu temples, a Gurudwara and 4 Buddhist monasteries in its vicinity. The view from the lake is beautiful and it’s surrounded by natural wonders. The Sisu fair is held here and the festival of Baisakhi is celebrated here with gusto.

Fun Fact: Rewalsar Lake is known for its floating reeds. It’s said that Guru Padmasambhava’s spirit resides on the island of floating reed.

The Rewalsar Lake Photo Credits - Ritpr9

The Rewalsar Lake Photo Credits – Ritpr9

Aren’t these lakes beautiful and worth going to?

So plan a long weekend get-away, go on a fun road trip with friends or family and don’t forget to visit the Lakes of Himachal! For travel related queries, Contact us.

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