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Nubra Valley, famous for its sand dunes and double humped camels is a must visit on your Leh Ladakh road trip . The most astonishing fact about this cold desert is that a river flows parallel to the dunes. The Siachen mountain range guards this valley. The Khardung village sits peacefully in the middle of nowhere.

Being a tiny village, the people living there only rely on agriculture and tourism to earn basic necessities of life. In the Balti area of Hunder resides Baigdandu which is known for its goats which give us the Pashmina wool. The people here have sparkling blue eyes and auburn hair, different from the Ladakhi features.

Journey to Ladakh

Skyline of Nubra valley
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  • The statue of Maitreya Buddha which is 32 metres tall is located in Diskit and maintained by the Diskit monastery. The statue is a wonder in itself.
  • Samstanling monastery is between Kyagar and Sumur villages
  • Panamik is famous for its hot springs. Across the Nubra or Siachen River at Panamik, is an isolated Ensa Gompa.


  • To go to Nubra valley from Leh on your Ladakh road trip , you can go through the Khardung-La pass which is at 18,380 ft above sea level. This route includes North Pullu and the Khardung village. The Khardung-La pass is the world’s highest motor able pass and serves as the only way through which supplies can be sent to Siachen. One needs to acclimatize well to take on this journey and avoid high altitude mountain sickness.
  • Cars, jeeps, motor bikes, cycles all go to Khardung-la for expeditions. However, to enter Nubra valley through North Pullu requires an inner line permit for foreign tourists, available at the local DC office. The other route to go to the Nubra valley is through Wari La from Sakti, to the East of Khardung La, connecting to the main Nubra road system via Agham and Khalsar along the Shyok River
  • You can also trek passes over the Ladakh Range from the Indus Valley at various points. Routes to Nubra from Baltistan and Yarkand are closed.
Journey to Ladakh

The Chang-La pass at 17,590 ft above sea level comes on the way to Pangong-Tso.
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The Pangong Lake is a 134 km long lake located at 14,270 ft above sea level. About 60% of the lake is in China and the rest in India. Pangong freezes in winters despite being saline. During the day one can observe that the lake shows 7 different shades of blue; a sight absolutely magnificent!


  • The lakeside is open from May to September. To reach the Pangong Tso we have to cross the Shey and Gya village and cross the ‘Chang-La’ pass at 17,590 ft above sea level. The road after Chang-La is rough and bumpy. Chang La is the main gateway to the Changthang plateau in the Himalayas and after the Chang La pass comes the small town of Tangste.
  • Most modes of transport can take on these roads. An inner line permit s required by foreign tourists to visit the Pangong Lake due to the problem of Line of Actual Control between India and China.
    You can ask your Ladakh Tour Operator to book your stay and permits for a hassle free Ladakh road trip.
Journey to Ladakh -The Pangong-Tso Lake

The Pangong-Tso Lake..
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A lake in the chang-thang plateau which is located at 15,075 ft above sea level, is the largest lake in the trans-Himalayan bio-geographic region which is completely inside the Indian Territory. The Korzok monastery on the western bank of the lake is 400 years old and attracts tourists and Buddhist pilgrims. Just before reaching Tso-Moriri Lake one could see the small lake which is known as Lake of Joy.


  • The lake is located 240 km away from Leh and can be reached directly through the Pangong Tso on your Ladakh trip.
  • The distance between Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri is 235 km and can be reached by car, jeeps, and motorbikes. One can also cycle to Tso Moriri.
Journey to Ladakh

As The Sun Sets Over Tso-Moriri, You Can See The Moon Rise On One Side Of The Sky
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Zanskar is a little valley located to the east of Ladakh with its administrative capital as Padum. Zanskar holds the Zanskar range which separates the valley from Ladakh. The average height of the Zanskar range is 19,700 ft and its eastern part is known as Rupshu. Shingo La in Zanskar is one of the 5000 metre passes in Indian Himalayas and does not have any glacial trekking, yet it is very rugged and tough because of the terrain.
The Zanskar valley and the Zanskar River are famous for treks and other adventure activities. A lot of people on their Ladakh tour go on the famous Chadar Trek which takes place in winters on the frozen Zanskar River and is considered as one of the most difficult yet sought after treks in the world.

Journey to Ladakh

The famous Chadar trek on the frozen Zanskar River. 
Photo by- Dolkar Maryvonne

White water River rafting in the Zanskar River preferably close to Sangam in Nimoo is also a very famous getaway during summers. Zanskar has the Sani Monastery, Dzongkhul, Stagrimo and Bardan Monastery – all loosely affiliated with Stakna in the Indus valley. The Gelugpa control Rangdum Monastery, Karsha, Stongde and the Phugtal Monastery. Phugtal and the Rangdum monastery are the most famous out of all of these.


  • Buses run only during the tourist season between 1st July and 15th September, after that the Manali-Leh highway closes down for winters
  • The most preferable route to reach Zanskar on your Ladakh road trip would be by the Srinagar-Leh highway via Kargil which passes through Rangdum and Pensi-La. You can reach Srinagar and then take a taxi, bus or your own vehicle and go to Zanskar via Kargil.
  • In winters when the roads are closed, the only way to reach Padum is to trek through the frozen Zanskar River.
Journey to Ladakh

The Rangdum Monastery Sits Quietly On a Little Hill On The Way To Padum From Kargil.
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If you have not been on a Ladakh tour then you have missed a lot in life. The land of the lamas , Ladakh serves as the perfect getaway for people who enjoy peace and adventure at the same time. The mountains stand mighty and proud signifying the power of the Mountain Kingdom. The landscape changes with every turn you take, your eyes will become wider as you explore more. You will absolutely fall in love with Ladakh. Plan your Ladakh Holiday Packages 2015 with Roads Less Travelled. Contact us to make your travel easier.

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