Where to Travel During COVID?

5 October 2020 Off By Saket Gupta

If we were to give you a list of all the reasons why you should have the United Kingdom on your Post-COVID travel wish-lists, the list would go on and on! One reason why a lot of people travel is to get a change of scenery that can fine-tune their body and their spirit. You will discover phenomenal views in the UK that you thought only existed in books. From quiet and quaint countryside villages to mystical cities, there is always something for everyone.

Where to Travel During COVID

If you want to catch a sight of breath-taking visuals, acquaint yourself with a sense of history, witness the craziest kinds of festivals and traditions, and discover popular places that are a haven for art lovers- then the United Kingdom is definitely your calling. With the innumerable options that you have, we have curated a list of some Post-COVID travel destinations you can check out in the UK to make your travel-hungry inner-self get the best out of what the United Kingdom has to offer.

Places you should add to your United Kingdom travel itinerary

Lake District

Lake District

After months of self-quarantine, some of us just want to get out there and feel what being amidst nature feels like. For an experience like that, there is no better option than Lake District. This place is like a picture right out of a book! UNESCO protected site, the site is particularly famous for its breath-taking visuals, natural wildlife, picturesque hilltops and of course as the name suggests, its beautiful lakes! The best part is that each lake is different from the last and while you are here, you should definitely visit the popular Windermere Lake and Ullswater Lake.



There is just something magnetic about Cambridge’s charm that you would immediately realise as soon as you arrive here. You can visit the famous King’s College and when you are there, do not miss out on the renowned King’s College Chapel. The Fitzwilliam Museum is also a must-visit spot for a close encounter with exceptional galleries. It’s a city that you can explore in a couple of days, and always end up carrying back more memories than what you bargained for!

The Cotswolds


The Cotswolds is a stretch of countryside that houses some of the prettiest villages in England and English market towns. It is marked by picturesque meadows and gently rolling hills with quaint little streets that make you fall in love with the simplicity of this place. This magical corner of England has been a creative muse for many artists. From being bought onto the canvas by artists like Gainsborough to being an inspiration for poets- you can imagine that Cotswolds has a simplistic beauty that makes its visitors reconnect with themselves. You should definitely visit idyllic villages like Burford, Castle Combe and Bourton-on-the-water while you’re here. All of them have their own little worlds, while Bourton-on-the-water is famously known as the “Venice of the Cotswords”, Castle Combe is magical in its mystical beauty that looks like a scene out of a fairytale.



If cities could be classified into ages by how they left you feeling by their presence, then a suitable word to define Bath’s essence is “youthfulness”. Even though this city is a living testament of historical contexts in its architectural styles and Roman Spa settlements, it has a vibrance in its streets and corners. A visit to the popular Roman Baths of this city would be every history buff’s delight. There is something for everyone else as well in Bath- you can visit the Jane Austen Centre, the Pulteney Bridge, the Fashion Museum and Royal Victoria Park.



Yes, we know London is a popular one but it is fair to say that it has its own reasons for its immense popularity. London is like a beating heart that will show its various sides to you on different days. It is home to some of the most iconic sites associated with great artists like the Charles Dickens Museum and Keats house. As you wander in the streets of London, you will catch sights of historical monuments like the Big Ben and maybe stumble upon a free open-air concert. London is like a home that is always waiting to surprise you.



Cornwall hides just too many gems within its boundaries. With places like St. Michael’s Mount that appear like a physical manifestation of a folklore and centers of rejuvenation like Watergate Bay- missing out on Cornwall is missing out on too many experiences. St. Michael’s Mount is a beautiful island that has legends of it being a family home, a monastery and a fortress. It is home to a small village, a magnificent castle and a medieval church. Staying at a place like this makes you feel like you are the main actor in some kind of a fantasy film. Watergate Bay on the other hand is just the right spot you need to hit when you want to get away from the clutter of everyday life and feel the calmness of beach waves to get your strength back.

Where to stay on your trip?

As you are making your way through some of the most beautiful and idyllic travel destinations in the United Kingdom, a comfortable and resourceful residence is a must to make your trip absolutely perfect. To finalize your travel itineraries, we have some news for you. You can book scrubbed clean OYO hotels as per your prioritized location and residence style to enjoy your trip without a worry. After all, after a long day of enjoying yourselves, we want you to discover a second home when you come back to relax in your hotel.