Innovative 2021 Valentine’s Day lockdown ideas for you

25 January 2021 Off By Preeti Asri

There are several innovative ideas that you can check out for Valentine’s Day 2021 while celebrating indoors with your special someone. There are several innovative lockdown Valentine’s Day ideas that you can implement this year to make it extra special for your sweetheart. After all, living a life in lockdown can have its harsh side although you can always embrace creativity to make things more special for your loved one.

Here are ideas worth considering in this regard:

  • Insist upon your partner staying in bed while bringing breakfast likewise- Picture a setting where you both wake up and your eyes linger upon each other, kiss him/her and insist on him/her staying blissfully in bed while you quickly run to the kitchen and rustle up that special breakfast for V-Day. Pancakes are the best go-to choice with all the toppings imaginable. Shape these pancakes into hearts while cutting strawberries into hearts and drizzling them on all the favorite treats that your partner adores. If they do not prefer pancakes for breakfast, zero in on something else that he/she will love. The love and care behind this gesture counts above everything else. Set up a breakfast date for kicking off a fabulous Valentine’s Day with your beloved. If nothing else works, try sandwiches with delightful fillings. You can create a special mood lighting ambiance while counting on fairy lights and using rose petals for leading them down towards the spot for breakfast. Leave a note with a time for coming downstairs for breakfast or rising for the surprise. Create a handwritten breakfast menu while making fresh pastries and croissants if he/she loves them!
  • Flowers are time-tested options- When it comes to innovative lockdown Valentine’s Day ideas, flowers are beautiful choices to say the least! Flowers should be brought back for infusing greater charm into V-Day. Flowers need not always be costly; even a tiny bouquet or single flowers scattered throughout the place will work. Partners love receiving flowers at all times of the day so bring them back this season for a wonderful experience by all means.
  • Post-It Notes for a quaint feel- You can leave post-it notes all over the place for your partner to find, listing out all the things that you adore about him/her. All you need to do is get hold of a post-it pack and give wings to your creative imagination. You can talk about almost everything under the sun, right from special memories, shared activities, special features and a lot more. Leave these notes almost everywhere for your partner to discover including the bathroom sink, toilet roll, kitchen table and even on their favorite couch beside the telly in the living room.
  • Innovative treasure hunt activities- All you need to do is get hold of a pack of cards and write down 50+ things that you love about your partner and wish to remind them of and then hide them all across the house. You can have tiny token gifting items attached to the same likewise. This can be a treasure hunt based activity where you will have to find a certain amount of tokens for getting the mega surprise gift. You can have your partner search the entire house, looking for these cards. This treasure hunt will be one of the most charming activities that you can set up on Valentine’s Day.
  • Write a good old love letter- When did love letters go out of fashion? Lockdown ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021 should definitely have space for the ubiquitous love letter. Put pen to paper and come up with the best you have with regard to expressing your feelings. Taking the time to write a letter means everything in a day and age when instant messaging is the preferred communication mode of the hour. You can simply write everything that you have been meaning to tell your beloved but just could not find the time for till now. Time is the most valuable gift as the age-old saying goes.
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  • Make a charming little scrapbook/montage of your best videos- Take a walk down memory lane in style by creating your own scrapbook or montage which is filled with the favorite videos of you two. Buy a scrapbook or start a memory book for the relationship. You can even take the relationship journal route as recommended highly by several couples. Lockdown means more time on your hands one way or another so roll up those sleeves and get going.
  • Curate a cute basket for your special someone- Get hold of a tiny wicker box or hamper at the house. Empty this out and fill it up with all the wonderful things that your partner adores. This may be anything that you like, right from your favorite tea to body lotions and other delectable treats galore. Get his/her favorite gadgets or basically anything that he/she loves or has been eyeing for a while now. Add in a few little notes with thoughtful messages and a few special gifts alongside. You can go for a love letter or even make some personalized gifts for him/her as well.
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  • Beautifully Baked Memories- You should obtain some heart-shaped silicone molds and heart-shaped cookie cutters for starting to bake a Valentine’s Day surprise unlike any other! You can make your own biscuits while writing some charming love notes right in icing while also doing things like brownie popsicles alongside. You can actually create a café-esque ambiance by opting for the loveliest baked treats on Valentine’s Day. The baking choices are literally endless and a vast pool, so you should choose the favorite treats of your partner and decorate with a heart in one way or another. The love heart theme can be used to whip up a scintillating casserole dish as well.
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  • A picnic and nature walk suffices- Lockdown Valentine’s Day 2021 ideas should include a romantic walk amidst nature in the park and also a charming picnic to round off the experience. Depending upon where you are stationed during the lockdown, this is a great way to get some fresh air and change the setting while also doing something for the one you love on V-Day. If there are strict lockdown guidelines prohibiting you from venturing outside for anything other than basic essentials, you can have a coffee walk in the morning while setting up a picnic in the backyard or patio as well. You can get as creative as you wish although the focus here should be combining V-Day ideas in lockdown with some outdoor activity and nature as much as possible.
  • Projector movie night- The old school ideas can start flowing once more! Bring back the classic projector at home and watch films back to back on V-Day together. One of the best lockdown Valentine’s Day ideas is to get hold of a projector at home and snuggle up together for watching some of your favorite movies throughout the evening. Just hook up to your laptop or smartphone, rent the projector or invest in a portable one outright (depending upon what you require) and choose the streaming platform of your liking. Get hold of some popcorn and cuddle up for the movie night of a lifetime!
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  • Theme evenings at home- You can now creatively infuse traveling and the spirit of a vacation into your home itself. Have both of you always wanted to travel to any particular destination? Create that vibe at home by choosing the location/nation, researching their most popular cocktails, dressing up the dining room or living room accordingly with proper décor themes, getting matching outfits for both of you and playing music originating from that country in question. Think of an accompanying meal that epitomizes the popular culinary tastes in that country as well.
  • Dress up for dinner- Something of an instant Valentine’s hack is to simply get your partner to dress up to the hilt for dinner, something that you usually do not do at home. Allocate some more time for dressing up and getting ready together and then experience date night just as you would at an outdoor restaurant or any other location. Cook each other’s favorite dishes or simply order in from elsewhere and have a relaxing time at home. Sip your favorite mocktails, cocktails or wine and put on your favorite music in the bargain. If you are cooking for your partner and wish to jazz up the experience, you can simply go all out with a love themed dish or casserole as well.
  • Plan out your home spa session- If both of you plan on chilling out to the max, then you should come up with a proper spa day or treatment for V-Day at home itself. This is a fantastic idea that you can bring to life! Get the face masks you need while indulging in brand new skincare products, bath bubbles, massage oil and basically the works! Set the music, lighting and food options carefully including tapas or comparatively stomach-friendly options with some wine to match. Make it a sensual experience and who knows? Both of you may just have the time of your lives!
  • Create a sensuous atmosphere at home- Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to create a sensuous and romantic atmosphere at home, right from changing the curtains, throwing in some cushions, using candles, mood lighting, music and other décor ideas to get creative.
  • Fire pits are magical- You can simply get hold of some hot chocolate, snuggle up together and enjoy a fire pit session with your sweetheart, complete with warm wrappings. There is nothing more romantic and delightful than taking in the cold air outdoors and finding the best reason for snuggling up to each other with ample warmth. Fireworks displays were skipped this year for obvious reasons but you can always create a fire pit in your garden. Wrap up in some warm clothes, get your favorite beverages, get the fire pit going, possibly include a few fireworks if possible and cuddle up together underneath the stars in your garden or backyard. This is where you can expect to have the most enriching conversations with your partner.
  • Create your own beautiful love nest- If you do not have an opportunity to lie down together under the clear sky on V-Day, simply identify a specific corner at home and change it completely with themed fairy lights, bed sheets, blankets, cushions and other bedding. Create your own special love nest and set the mood for exciting things to come! Watch a movie in this zone, sleep here together and snuggle up and also get a few LED star projection devices if you wish to ramp it up a bit.
  • Plan a wine and cheese night- Create your own very creative cheese platter, get hold of the wine that your partner loves and spend a lovely evening reminiscing all those moments you have spent together while watching a movie afterward. You can also set the music suitably with old favorites and modern fun alike.
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  • Plan a couples’ cooking session- One of the surefire ways to get things moving more romantically is to cook together. One of the very best lockdown Valentine’s Day ideas this year, you can both focus on showing your love for each other by indulging in a passionate cooking session. Cook dinner or lunch together. Get everything you need to come up with amazing pizzas for instance or even some Mexican grub that gets your taste buds tingling if that’s what you prefer. This will truly be a labor of love unlike any other!
  • Fun Games- Play a personalized couples’ game with each other, throwing in questions, surprises, puzzles, riddles and encounters (virtually) with friends and loved ones along the way. Challenge each other with the wittiest and most insightful questions about each other. Create your own mini game which works as a fun pastime this Valentine’s Day.

Now that you have all these ideas at your fingertips, it is time to get to work and come up with a memorable surprise for your sweetheart.