Tour of The Blackpool Zoo

24 August 2020 Off By Saket Gupta

If there is one place that every adult and child find equally fascinating, it’s a zoo! Not many of us have the luxury of living in places that are placed in the lap of nature. The Blackpool Zoo in England has become a popular spot for those who want to escape from the mayhem of the city and find a restorative site that allows them to reconnect with themselves and their surroundings.

Home to over 1,350 exotic animals and rated one of the best zoos in the UK – the Blackpool Zoo is a friendly site for all kinds of rare species. Be it a giant Asian elephant or an aardvark, a flamingo or a tortoise- after a weekend visit to this spot, we can ensure that you’ll return a geek of all things related to animals and zoos!

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If you plan to visit the Blackpool zoo, here are some details that you should know for a convenient and fulfilling trip.

Blackpool Zoo Timings:

Opening Hours: 10 am (except Christmas Day)

The zoo opens at 10 am and the closing hours are subjective to change on various days throughout the year.

Ticket Price:

The tickets have to be booked online or at the main gate of the venue. The price details of various groups and individuals can be found on the official website of the Blackpool Zoo. You can also schedule a tour for a group of up to 30 students with an admin charge of £10 per lesson.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19, the Blackpool Zoo has reopened with a set of precautions to ensure a safe and secure trip for all its visitors. Until further guidelines are published, tickets can only be bought online (both by visitors and members) and only a limited number of visitors will be allowed entry, to ensure that everyone is able to maintain a safe distance inside the zoo. A face mask or another item of clothing to cover the face is mandatory to be able to enter the premises. The only exceptions made are in the cases of people who have a government listed exemption or children under the age of 11.

Membership of the Zoo:

In the past, the Zoo has offered three kinds of memberships – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Members enjoy various kinds of benefits like discounts in cafes, entry without pre-booking and invites to member-only events. For the 2021 membership packages, the zoo is only issuing the silver membership for the time being. Other memberships might become available at a later period, and those who are interested can upgrade their membership by simply paying the difference. The details of the price packages for membership are available on the official website of the Blackpool Zoo.

Blackpool Zoo Map

Blackpool zoo map
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Hotels Near Blackpool Zoo

Various OYO hotels near the Blackpool Zoo offers an abode to all kinds of travelers in various spots of the town. The budget hotels boast of contemporary interiors, clean and spacious facilities, proximity to popular getaways for a weekend tour and a friendly ambience to make you ready to seize the day in this beautiful town. A little cherry on the cake is the view you get from balconies and windows as you sit and rejuvenate after a long day of walking at the zoo.