Top Things to Do in Brighton

21 May 2020 Off By Saket Gupta

Brighten Up Your Day With Beaches And More in Brighton!

A famous seaside getaway destination, Brighton is a well-loved summer destination for tourists from all around the world. If you visit the city in the summer, Get an OYO hotel close to the water–you will find a lot of people milling about the fine sandy beaches and along the promenades! Not only is the city abundant with natural beauty, but you can also find a lot of historically important monuments, informative museums, and gorgeous art galleries that are strewn across the town! History, culture, and beauty come together to make Brighton an amazing getaway for anyone. Availability of Brighton hotels near the major attractions eases commuting in and around the city and makes your trip even more enjoyable.

Top places to visit in Brighton

Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton Palace Pier

One of the best places to explore in Brighton is the Brighton Palace Pier! An old structure, this pier has withstood multiple storms as well as two Word wars! A gorgeous place to visit, the pier is not only steeped in history, but it is also full of exciting rides, carousels, and fun shops to explore. You can get some fish and chips from the food trucks here or take a turn at the arcade games. 

Royal Pavilion

Royal Pavilion

Another place you should visit is the Royal Pavilion, also known as the Brighton Pavillion. This gorgeous indo-Saracenic building is an architectural marvel in itself–but also holds a lot of historical and political importance in present times. Designed by John Nash, this building was once the residence of the Prince of Wales. Now it is a tourist hotspot with thousands streaming in to enjoy the gorgeous exteriors as well as the Pavilion gardens and lawns. 

The Lanes

the lanes

If you are looking to spend an afternoon trying to take in the flavour of the seaside town, you should head to the lanes! Once the centre of the old fishing town, now this area has been converted into a quaint marketplace with many cute and kitschy cafes, loads of bookshops and art galleries, and some wonderful stores full of knick-knacks. You can spend a whole day exploring the little hidden lanes and alleyways and popping into interesting and eclectic shops. 

LGBTQ and walking tours

Known as the LGBTQ capital of the UK, Brighton organizes walking tour from different parts of the city through the Lanes, to the “gay village” of Kemptown. If you are looking for Brighton activities this weekend, an easy way to explore the city and learn about Brighton’s LQBTQ+ history is by taking the LQGTQ+ walking tour. You can walk through the 200 years of history that the city has to offer and get to know about interesting trivia that only the locals can tell you. These tours start from all around the city, so you are sure to find one that begins from near your OYO hotel as well! 



If you are living near Travelodge Brighton, you can plan a trip to the picturesque town of Lewes, which is only about half an hour away from Brighton by road! This gorgeous historic market town is full of winding rods, lovely buildings, excellent pubs, an incredible museum and its own castle as well! If you are more interested in history and culture than in adventure, Lewes can be a great destination for you. The small town offers a lot of gorgeous sightseeing places that you can visit in a day!

Snoopers Paradise

If you are interested in vintage items, and are looking for somewhere you can do a little shopping, you should head to Snoopers Paradise for a day filled with exciting treasures and wonderful items. The emporium has a lot of small independent stalls which have vintage and antique items from the olden days. You can find anything here, from vintage clothes to 90s memorabilia! 

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

You can visit the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery to learn a little about the history and culture of the area. This epic museum houses several artefacts and memorabilia including ancient Egyptian treasure, fine art, contemporary paintings, and some of the best artworks from world-renowned artists. The museum also has an extensive collection of Natural Science which is sure to delight the kids of your family. The collection of more than half a million insects is one of the prime highlights of the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

Brighton Toy and Model Museum –

Brighton Toy and Model Museum

This impressive museum honouring the 100 years of toys and models is one of the best places to visit in Brighton especially when you are travelling with your children. With more than 10,000 displays, this place will take you back to your childhood for sure. From puppet theatres, penny arcade games, to an extensive collection of model railways, you can find anything and everything in this museum. 

The British Airways i360 –

This 150-metre-high observation tower offers breathtaking views of the entire Brighton, South Downs and on a clear day, you will be lucky enough to view the Isle of Wight. The British Airways i360 is considered as the world’s tallest moving observation tower and is one of the must-visit attractions in Brighton.

With gorgeous beaches, lovely promenades, and loads of fun places to visit, Brighton is a great destination for you and your family. There are many restaurants in Brighton serving regional delicacies as well as food from all over the world! Head to Brighton this summer for a fun-filled vacation.