Top Places to Visit on the Isle of Wight

13 June 2020 Off By Saket Gupta

This Summer, Explore the Beaches and White Cliffs of The Isle of Wight 

One of the biggest and most popular islands in the UK, the Isle of Wight is located off the Southern coast of England. This island in the English Channel is famous for the gorgeous Isle of Wight beaches, great promenades, and lovely tourist-friendly spots. You can find some amazing OYO hotels in Isle of Wight as well, which promise to make your trip comfy and memorable. There are several excellent sightseeing places on the island–from natural beauty to historical monuments, Isle of Wight has it all! 

Top places to visit on the Isle of Wight 

Visit the Osborne House 

Osborne House

This magnificent site is one of the most tourist-friendly historical houses on the island. The stunning Osborne House was Queen Victoria’s holiday home for many years. Since it was open to the public in 1904, it has been a great tourist attraction. Here you can explore the rooms of the house, get a glimpse of the royal living, and even relax at her private beach. A stroll around the walled and terrace gardens is ideal for spending a warm summer’s day.

Spend time with lovely animals at Isle of Wight Zoo 


If you are traveling with children, a visit to the Isle of Wight Zoo is one of the best things to do. Perfect for a family excursion, the zoo houses an array of different animal species with prime focus on big cats and Madagascan animals including lemurs and spider monkeys. The zoo is renowned for its rescue and conservation operations as well. This could be a great opportunity to learn something new about the animal kingdom and enjoy a day on the island by looking at a variety of animals.

Take Your Kids to the Blackgang Chine 

blackgang chine

This 170-year old theme park is definitely the most fascinating place to visit on the Isle of Wight. Blackgang Chine is Britain’s oldest theme park and one of the most popular tourist attractions. A paradise for children, the park boasts of several themed lands, from a Cowboy Town, Pirate Cove, an Underwater kingdom, Dinosaurs universe to a Fairytale village. Along with this, there are many fun rides as well including a roller coaster and water chutes. With these imaginative themes and a dose of adventure, there is a surprise at every corner that will amaze you to the core.

Enjoy an Amazing Nightlife 

There are also many things you can do with your friends and family. If you are looking for things to do in the evening on the Isle of Wight, you can head to some of the best restaurants and pubs next to the sea to have a pleasant time. You should head to the High Street to enjoy a night out full of music events, comedy nights, and excellent snacks. There are also a lot of carnivals and festivals that happen on the Isle of Wight including the Isle of Wight Mardi Gras, Isle of Wight festival which is a music festival, Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, and more. 

Take a Walking Tour with Dinosaurs

A walking trail with Dinosaurs by your side? Isn’t it the most bizarre thing you have heard in a while? Well, when you are on the Isle of Wight anything is possible. The trail that starts at Dinosaur Isle Museum at Sandown allows you to see, and even click pictures with these extinct creatures using the latest AR technology. All you have to do is to download the Dinosaur Island app on your home and you can put yourself in the picture with dinosaurs. Along the trail, you have to find unique codes or ‘meteorites’ that will activate the app in six different locations. Along with meeting the dinosaurs you can also check out some of the other popular sites at the Isle of Wight’s southern coast.

Explore the historic Appuldurcombe House

Appuldurcombe House

Another historic building on Isle of Wight that you must explore is the Appuldurcombe House. This partially restored building was bombed during the Second World War. The grand architecture, remarkable interiors, and its beautifully manicured gardens will capture your heart at once. Steeped in history, Appuldurcombe House was used as an accommodation for troops during both World Wars. The backside of this house is still in ruins, and locals believe that they have seen ghosts in and around the place,  which is why this property is regarded as a haunted place by the locals.

Soak up the natural beauty at The Needles 

The Needles

If you are in search of great things to do Isle of Wight February half term, the Needles is the place for you. Located close to Alum Bay, the needles are the row of three rocks rising above 30m out of the sea. A scenic boat ride from Alum Bay will treat you with spectacular views of the Needles, the Lighthouse, and sand cliffs. If these views and the bounty of nature was not enough for you, there is also a small amusement park with the same name – The Needles, located atop a cliff near Alum Bay. You can reach the top by the Needles Park lift chair, which is in itself a great experience. Once you can reach the park, you can enjoy a whole host of fun activities.

If you’re looking for some fun in the sun, the Isle of Wight is a gorgeous destination to visit. Not only does the island promise sandy beaches and sapphire waves, the countryside and beautiful landscapes of the island are also picture-postcard worthy. Plan a trip to the Isle of Wight with your family and friends to enjoy a great vacation in the arms of nature. You should book your OYO rooms in advance through the website so you can beat the crowds of tourists and get the rooms of your choice.