Top Places to Visit in Leicester

15 June 2020 Off By Saket Gupta

Visit Leicester for a Summer Full of History, Adventure, and Fun

Best known for its football team, Leicester is one of the best summer destinations this year, If you are looking for a place which doesn’t get too warm, promises a load of fun activities, and holds within its walls a load of history and culture, Leicester is the perfect place to head to. Located in the East Midlands of England, Leicester has made a name for itself with the brilliant tourist sites, sightseeing locations, and lovely city life. You can also find some excellent OYO hotels in Leicester where you can have a memorable stay as you tour the city!

Top places to visit in Leicester 

Leicester Cathedral

Leicester Cathedral

The city of Leicester is famous for its association with King Richard III as he played a significant part in Leicester’s history. His body was recently discovered in the city and has been reburied in the Leicester Cathedral. This should become a part of your itinerary not only because of the historical importance of King Richard III but also due to the gorgeous architecture of the cathedral! 

King Richard III Visitor Centre

King Richard III Visitor Centre

A trip to Leicester will be incomplete without visiting this major attraction in the city. The centre was opened in 2014 to document the life and death of Richard III. Here you can explore tons of interactive exhibitions and educational resources about the king. The major highlights of this visitor centre are the details about the hunt and DNA sequencing of his body to identify his remains. Located close to the Leicester Cathedral, the King Richard III Visitor Center is a great place to learn more about the last of the Plantagenet kings.

New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

To explore the history and culture of the region, you must visit the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery. This museum offers a glimpse at everything- from natural science and archaeology to fine art and culture through its extensive displays. There are several artefacts from ancient Egypt, and German expressionism as well. You can enter for free and explore a lot of interesting artefacts within. A visit to the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery is one of the best Leicester things to do free!

National Science Centre

Opened in 2001, the National Science Centre owns the largest planetarium in the UK. One of the most-loved tourist attractions in Leicester, it is a great destination for adults and kids alike. The Space Centre offers an unforgettable blend of education and entertainment with their interactive exhibits, a rocket tower, and several galleries. It is the only place to house space rockets indoors in the world. If you are interested in astronomy and space science, or even if you are not, this place will leave you speechless

King Power Stadium

King Power Stadium

Leicester is fairly well known because of its football club as well. If you are interested in football, you should head to the King Power Stadium and take a guided tour of the interiors. The official guided tours can take you through the history of the Football Club, show you the grounds, and take you into the locker rooms of the players as they recite some interesting behind the ground stories and tales!!

Leicester Square Garden

There are also a lot of interesting things to do in Leicester Square in the city centre, one among them is spending a pleasurable time at the Leicester Square Garden. These gorgeous gardens are the most peaceful spots in the area. Surrounded by trees, and greenery, the garden also houses a statue of William Shakespeare at the centre. The blissful surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of the city make Leicester Square Garden a great place to spend a lazy afternoon as you take a stroll through London’s beauty.

New Walk

new walk

Leicester’s New Walk area is a beautiful walkway running from the city centre to Victoria Park, which is another popular tourist spot. The entire walkway is lined with several beautiful cafes, restaurants, and also the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery. A pleasant walk down the path is a lovely experience. You can also spend some time at Victoria Park admiring the natural beauty of the city.

Leicester Market

leicester market

A trip without shopping, is even a trip? When in Leicester, you can fill up your shopping bags to the brim with tons of exciting things. Leicester Market is a one-stop destination for all your shopping needs, with more than 270 stores and independent shops. Though mainly popular for its fresh produce, you can also find excellent jewelry, clothing, and book stores. Located right in the heart of the city centre, Leicester Market is more than 800 years old and is the largest outdoor covered market in Europe.

Abbey Park

Abbey Park Leicester

Another place that you must include in your itinerary is the historic Abbey Park. Opened in 1882, the park is rich in both natural beauty and glorious history. This 90-acre massive park is located on the bank of River Soar. Along with a bounty of nature, there are several family activities at the park as well. From boating, miniature railway, to a lavender maze, and a lovely pets corner, it has something for everyone. A visit to the Abbey Park is indeed a delightful experience.

There are many things you can do in Leicester, from walking tours to exploring the city’s intriguing past. Whether you are interested in architecture and design or ports, the city has you covered. There are a lot of good things about Leicester, and one of them is that it is an intensely tourist-friendly city. Enjoy the nightlife and the gorgeous vistas of Leicester this summer. Book your OYO hotels in advance through the website or OYO mobile app so that you can beat the tourist crowd and get a room of your choice.