Top Places to Visit in Hastings

7 June 2020 Off By Saket Gupta

 Immerse Yourself in History and Beauty at the Gorgeous Beaches of Hastings 

A small seaside resort town in Sussex, Hastings is a wonderful place to head to this summer. A town steeped in history and culture, Hasting promises to make your trip worthwhile. Best known for the Battle of Hastings in 1066, this town is full of wonderful places to explore, sightseeing locations, tourist sites, and brilliant OYO Hastings hotels to make your trip more comfortable! 

The list of Hastings things to do is long, and when you are at the small seaside town, you are guaranteed an exciting and fun time by the waterside! As it is a seaside town, one of the more popular activities in Hastings is relaxing on Hastings beach, exploring the beachfront promenades, and strolling on the piers. 

Top Places to Visit in Hastings 

Hastings Pier

hastings pier

This beautiful Hastings Pier dates back to 1872 and is a must-visit attraction while in Hastings. The pier offers a bundle of fun activities to enjoy including free family workshops, outdoor cinema screening, and street performances, especially in the summertime. The Deck Visitor Centre hosts an excellent exhibition from local artists which is worth a visit. You can relax at the cafes on the upper floor while enjoying the scenic beauty of the English channel. Hastings Pier is one of the best Hastings Seafront attractions that you shouldn’t miss during your trip to Hastings.

Hastings Castle

hastings castle

One of the best places to visit in Hastings includes Hastings Castle. This 11th-century castle holds within themselves a lot of history and heritage. Though now in ruins, this ancient castle still stands majestically on the West Hill and attracts a large crowd of tourists from around the world. Dating back to the 13th century, Hastings Castle has gone through several battles, attacks, and storms. Your visit to Hastings will be incomplete without visiting this architectural wonder. This Norman fortress offers amazing views of the Hastings town and English channel as well.

Smugglers Adventure

Another brilliant place to visit when in Hastings is the Smugglers Adventure. It is an interactive museum where you can travel through the underground passageways which were once used by the smugglers on the southeast coast of England. You can learn about the history of smuggling on the coast and hear the exciting tales of old English smugglers and shipwrecks. 

Shipwreck Museum

Hastings Shipwreck Museum

One of the more important institutions you should explore while in Hastings is the Shipwreck Museum. This interesting museum features more than thousands of objects and vessels that have been wrecked off the coast of Southeast England over the years. As you tour the museum you will find some artifacts from the 17th century as well. Apart from displaying these Shipwrecks,  this museum also focuses on the geology and environmental conditions to preserve them for years. A visit to the Shipwreck Museum is sure to fascinate you to the core.

Battlefield and Abbey


If you are interested in history, you should visit the Battle Abbey standing on the ground where the Battle of Hastings was once fought. Erected by the Normans in 1070, this Abbey is one of the significant sites in the region owing to its rich history. You can take a tour of the ruins, explore the battlefield with an audio guide, visit the 19th century walled gardens, and go to the visitor center to watch a film about the battle as well as pick up some souvenirs. 

Ride the Cliff Railways

east cliff railways

Another exciting thing to do when in the city is riding the cliff railways, which promises a thrilling and adrenaline-filled ride. Hastings has two funicular railways, West Hill Cliff and East Hill Cliff. The East Hill Cliff railways take you up to the Hastings cliffs and are the steepest funicular railway in the country! Once you reach the top, you can explore the countryside and the Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve.

Hastings Old Town

You should spend some time in the Hastings Old Town as well. This gorgeous area has lovely old buildings, half-timbered houses, and remnants of a 14th-century wall. Along the beautiful intersecting alleys, you can find a plethora of vintage and antique shops, quirky cafes, art galleries, seafood restaurants, and designer boutiques as well that are sure to pique your curiosity. The summer months see a lot of festivals and fairs in the old town such as the Seafood and Wine Festival and the Jack in the Green. Some great food festivals are also held near the Hastings Seafront, throughout the year attracting a large crowd of tourists.

Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve

Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve

Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve is 852 acres of natural beauty and majestic wildlife. A paradise for nature lovers, this nature reserve offers endless opportunities to explore a variety of scenery, from sandstone cliffs, grasslands, to ancient woodlands. You can also enjoy wildlife spotting, and watch the colorful migratory birds. One of the largest nature reserves in England, Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve is a great site for those who like to immerse themselves within the beauty of nature. 

Old Roar Gill

You should also head to the Old Roar Gill, as it is a great place to take a walk or hike. A gorgeous wooden area, this place is surrounded by greenery and glittering waterfalls. Here you can find an array of rare flowers and animal species, some of them are only found in the UK. Take a walk alongside the water bodies and soak in the natural beauty of this place.

With the plethora of Hastings attractions, you will not have much time to get bored. Exciting rides, amazing views, and delectable dishes all wait for you in this gorgeous seaside town. You should book your tickets to Hastings ASAP because this is the best place to be this summer. With the sun on your back and the cool ocean breeze buffeting you as you lie on the sandy Hastings beach, you will want to remember this summer forever!