Cash in on attractive hospitality discounts this Black Friday plus fascinating facts you never knew!

20 November 2020 Off By Preeti Asri

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What is Black Friday all about?

Black Friday is not just a day when the biggest global shopping sales, offers, deals and bonanzas are seen throughout large parts of the world including the UK. Retailers offer massive discounts to customers in the run-up to Christmas and particularly for Black Friday. It takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day in USA which was deemed by President Roosevelt in 1939 to take place on November’s last Thursday.

Here are some major facts about this day that you should know:

  • Black Friday originated in America and the nickname Black Friday was given by the Police Department in Philadelphia back in the 50s and 60s owing to the huge rush of shoppers fighting and shoving for bargains (quite similar to Boxing Day sales here in UK).
  • Amazon was one of the first online entities to come up with Black Friday specials for Britain a few years back. Its success by way of hefty sales figures saw other leading retailers jump onto the same bandwagon.
  • Asda, which is majorly owned by Walmart, was the first major UK retailer to come up with in-store Black Friday deals in 2019 and 60% of stocks were sold out within just a couple of hours.
  • The event has outstripped sales for New Year’s Day and Boxing Day in Britain with companies ultimately realizing that people are more amenable towards spending at this time on deals and offers related to Christmas gifts and other shopping.
  • Overall spending in the UK for the Black Friday bonanza has already touched more than £1.5 billion as per estimates, growing at double digits every year.

10 interesting Black Friday facts that you did not know

  1. Black Friday was the term used for describing crashes in the stock market back in the 1800s- The term was used on the 24th of September, 1869, for the first time when Jay Gould and James Fisk were attempting to corner the NYSE gold market. The Government came to the rescue and infused gold heavily into the market, leading to a massive fall in prices and several investors just lost out on their fortunes as a result.
  2. The Santa Claus parades were predecessors for Black Friday– The first Santa Claus parade took place on 2nd December, 1905, at Canada. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade has already become a pivotal part of the holiday season in the USA as well. Upon Santa’s appearance towards the end of the parade, it was deemed that the holiday season had started. American stores started holding such parades throughout the country and the Macy’s parade was first held in the year 1924.
  3. Black Friday is the busiest day worldwide for plumbers- As strange as it may sound, CNN has reported that plumbers have their busiest days on Black Friday since they are required in large numbers for cleaning up post entire systems getting overwhelmed by the rush of customers.
  4. The date for Thanksgiving was indirectly determined by holiday shoppers- From mid-19th till early 20th century, USA Presidents would notify a day of giving thanks on the last Thursday in November. This changed in the year 1939 when the last Thursday became the last day of the month. Retailers were anxious that the holiday season would become smaller and hence sent a petition to the President for holding the holiday one week before. A joint resolution was made in 1941 by Congress for this and Thanksgiving post this was always celebrated on November’s fourth Thursday, giving shoppers an additional shopping window prior to Christmas.
  5. The day was once known as Big Friday- As per the NY Times report from 1975, Black Friday is American slang coined by the Police Department. In the year 1961, a newspaper attempted a renaming of this day to Big Friday although the term did not quite become popular.
  6. Black Friday was never the world’s busiest shopping day until the year 2001- It was actually the Saturday before Christmas that beat Black Friday each year till 2001 when things changed dramatically worldwide.
  7. Black Friday has covered 15 global countries and counting- Canadian stores would be anxious on Black Friday as their regular customers went into the USA for getting the best deals and offers. They started their own version of Black Friday sales as a result. Since then, attractive Black Friday deals have become a tradition in several other countries, predominantly the UK (United Kingdom) along with France, Norway, Brazil and even India.
  8. Mexico calls this day the good weekend or El Buen Fin– This is attached to the 1910 Mexican revolution anniversary which also coincides with Thanksgiving in the USA. However, El Buen Fin covers the whole weekend instead of a single day.
  9. Walmart did away with tradition in the year 2011- In the year 2011, Walmart simply broke the Black Friday tradition by opening the store on Thanksgiving evening itself. Since then, major retailers have competed to grab the attention of customers on Thanksgiving Day. Studies have reported how more than 30 million American citizens run out for shopping after devouring their feast at home on Thanksgiving. This is now called Gray Thursday.
  10. 12% of shoppers are drunk on Black Friday!- Yet another astonishing and fun fact that you did not know, 12% of shoppers remain drunk on Black Friday when they hit the stores and retail outlets as per studies.

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