OYO HOMES: Bringing the Homely Travel Experience

5 October 2020 Off By Saket Gupta


For many of us, hopping from one hotel to another during travel journeys can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. Afterall, there is no replacement for that warmth and comfort that you get in your own home. Keeping that in mind, we seek to bring a ‘home away from home’ for travelers who are exploring novel journeys in new places. Be it villas, apartments, residential complexes or farmhouses – these OYO homes can become your own personal space during your vacation, a place where you can relax without a single worry after a long day of sightseeing.

oyo homes

You will experience all the amenities you require in these OYO homes and a space that you can have all for yourself. Depending on the kind of residence you book, you have the utmost liberty and privacy to have a conversation with yourself in the gardens, balcony, terrace etc. of the home. If you are staying at a complex with a sports facility, do remember to carry some sports gear as well! You can burn calories and stress in an amazing sports session at the residence.

For those who are seeking solitude on their trips and do not like formalities too much, OYO Homes are an excellent option to enjoy the solitude in its essence. You can explore your creative side and unleash your inner artist in the beautifully curated spaces in these homes. On a particularly peaceful day, you can just grab a book, a steaming cup of coffee and escape into your mind’s world.

For others who want to interact with the culture of the place they are visiting, OYO homes provide a great opportunity to merge yourself in your locality and get acquainted with the locals in the area. As a safe and friendly space, these OYO homes become a comfort zone and the homely vibes eventually help those curious souls create their own community.  After all, is there a better way to explore a new city than with the help of its own residents?

Travelling with friends or family? OYO homes usually provide a more casual and comfortable environment for you to rejuvenate in. All of your friends can book one home and have the time of their lives in their own space. Naturally, this is quite helpful for young people who are travelling on a budget as well. As per the choices, there is an OYO Home to fit a budget and you can make the best travel memories without burning a hole in your pocket.

OYO Homes are simply an endeavour that seek to lessen your homesickness a bit, increase your travel joy a little and allow you to find a space that accepts you with a familiar warmth


Yes, the balance between privacy and safety is exactly what OYO Homes achieves. The regular security aspects are followed. You need to have a valid ID proof for checking in into the OYO Home. Staff members can be contacted in scenarios like when a third member intervenes when you are staying at your OYO Home. All the identity records are kept safely and with utmost confidentiality. The staff members work with the purpose of ensuring that visitors get a comfortable accommodation experience that is not hampered by security concerns and issues.Also, these hotels have reopened after being ‘scrubbed clean’ and implementing precautionary protocols in line with WHO’s guidelines. Now with various protocols like regular thermal screenings and periodic sanitization of facilities amongst others, you can rest assured that your trip will be safe and promising. Your safety and comfort is ultimately our top priority.


Think ordering food in hotels is too expensive? Miss home-cooked food when you are travelling? Have a particular diet that you want to follow?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you’d be thrilled to hear that you can make your own food in OYO Homes. Some people want to cater to their diets personally. Some follow a particular diet plan, others have their kid’s specific needs to look out for. You might want to de-stress yourself through a cooking session or might just want to enjoy a healthy brunch with your kid- a kitchen is a one way stop for all of that. Now, once the room service gets suspended, you don’t have to wait till the morning and dream of food cravings the whole night! You can just grab a Maggie or a snack, head over to the attached kitchen in the OYO Home and make yourself an amazing meal. Grab that steaming bowl of Maggie, tuck yourself in and have a night of a binge-watch session in OYO Home. Surely, you’ll feel truly at home by the end of it!


Booking an OYO Home can simply be done online, and you can even book one for a couple of hours. Yes, you read it right! Booking an OYO room does not have to mean that you have to stay for a long time. Now, you can book vacant OYO rooms and pay by hour for your stay.


Definitely, you can find yourself an OYO Home in London. All you have to do is search by your preferred location and make a booking online. All the OYO Homes have been scrubbed clean and have implemented precautionary guidelines in line with those issued by WHO to ensure that all the visitors can enjoy their trip in a stress-free environment with the utmost liberty. All of them have different styles, architecture, and vibes. Some hotels like the OYO Townhouse 30 Sussex Hotel in Marylebone have an elegant Victorian architecture. The hotel is decorated with cozy furniture and warm hues that make for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Other accommodations like OYO Goddis Lodge on New Cross Road are spacious with a contemporary, stylish interior. With clean, open, and light-filled spaces with minimal detailing- they offer another kind of simplicity. All in all, there are various options as per your location choice, personal preferences, and other desires. You can choose what fits your taste best and makes you feel at home the most!