Go back in time, Visit Aberdeen! | Aberdeen Travel Guide

28 April 2020 0 By Saket Gupta

Top Things to do in Aberdeen

Imagine rolling stones, lush mountains, perfect picturesque views, coastal cliffs, and beautiful weather! Aberdeen, located in the northeast awaits you. The whimsical architect and the dolphin spots, Scottish drinks, there’s so much to relish already, let’s take you through a few gems of Aberdeen.


This bar is distinct from other ordinary ones. Based in a converted church and designed in a Dracula theme, this multi-storied bar has entertained visitors for years with its spooky walls, carved wood paneling, and blood-splattered walls. From the outside, the building has hardly been touched and has the authenticity of the church. It’s a perfect backdrop for a picture.

Take a stroll around to encounter the eerie ambience, that’s finished with many displays including crumbling skeletons, suits of armour, a horse in armour, doors that look like library bookshelves. Already spooked? That’s the charm of this bar.


Dolphin spotting is one of the most exciting things to do in Aberdeen. Precisely at Aberdeen harbour, there are a lot of Bottlenose Dolphins that can be noticed. Take some time out and visit Torry Battery for an exceptional view of the sea and the dolphins. This is one of the top things to do with kids in Aberdeen, even locals enjoy the activity. 

Go to Old Aberdeen, it’s enlightening and fascinating!

Packed with fascinating old buildings, museums, cafes and parks, Old Aberdeen makes for a pleasant spot for a family vacay. Some places that you must visit include:

University of Aberdeen Zoology Museum 

It’s based in the University of Aberdeen at the Zoology Building and is easily accessible. The museum embraces a whole range of animal kingdom, from protozoa to the great whales. You can encounter around 75,000 specimens that have been compiled over 200 years of research activities. It’s a life-time experience to witness the beauty of science once for least and your kids do deserve this educational excursion. 

While you are here, also take some time out to check out the King’s College and the Crown Tower as well that continues one of the most historic and beautiful emblems and icons of the University.

Brig o’Balgownie: Scotland’s Oldest Bridge

Aberdeen has one of the most romantic settings and this spot is one of them. This attractive stone bridge, River Don’s main crossing point can be accessed by a short walk from Seaton Park. The biggest park in Scotland, that is situated on the banks of River Don. The bridge makes for a classic backdrop for a life-size portrait. If you crave some adventure, go Kayaking held on the river next to Seaton Park during the summer months.

Aberdeen Beach

The shore extends for two miles connecting the Dee and the Don rivers and offers a peaceful stroll. 

There’s a lot to do for everyone in your pack with the well-equipped sporting and recreational facilities, that includes the Beach Leisure Centre and the Linx Ice Arena, cafes, restaurants, multiplex cinema and Codona’s funfair. It’s a fancy beach, hold your expectations as high as you can.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum

Aberdeen has a fascinating journey from being a medieval fishing village to a powerhouse of the industry when oil was discovered in the North Sea. With its ups and downs and ups, the city has prospered also because of the oil industry and the offshore personnel. The museum traces the history of Aberdeen’s harbour, one of the oldest in the world. Through the modern-day exhibits, you can enjoy seeing what daily life is like for offshore crew.

Fishing Village of Footdee

A tiny small fishing village located south of the city centre by the Aberdeen harbour that dates back to medieval times. The small cottages huddled together with some old churches around, lying on the sea-shore, appear more like a scene from a history book. It’s a pleasant trip to step back in time, relax and unwind with this novel village.

Provost Skene’s House (Guestrow)

The oldest building in Aberdeen and one of the few examples of the early burgh architecture. It is now home to a charming series of period room settings to evoke the artistic furnishings of earlier times. The intriguing painted ceiling in the Painted Gallery will display the beauty and fineness of the design of older times, it will soothe your creative instincts. There are displays of local history, coins and archaeology that you will relish.

Aberdeen isn‘t a big city, and you can find comfortable hotels with moderate pricing. Some of the Aberdeen hotels cost $29 to $30 per night, on an average. What you must try in food is a typical Aberdeen speciality “rowie“. Salty and mostly served plain or with butter and jam, pancake-like dish. 

Accessing Aberdeen

Flight- This antique tiny place is easily accessible by Flights. The closest airport is located just 11km outside the city center which is united with the 727 bus route. 

Train – Aberdeen Railway Station is the main station that can be reached by train routes from London, Edinburgh, and Manchester.