Explore Marine Life in Aberdeenshire

30 August 2020 Off By Saket Gupta

For those with a streak of an adventurous spirit, the world beneath water is always a source of immense fascination. If you are someone who has a keen interest in marine life and want to get away on the weekend for an informative and refreshing trip amidst the calmness of nature – then Torry Battery in Aberdeen is just the right spot for you.

With beautiful views of the harbour mouth and North Sea, the spot is particularly known for its spectacular sights of Bottlenose Dolphins. Visitors are able to go on dolphin watching tours and watch these marine mammals in their natural habitats. If you plan to visit the area any time soon, then the dolphin watch tour in Aberdeenshire is just the right starting point to your marine life adventure. 

Dolphin watching Aberdeenshire

What is the best time and place to spot dolphins?

Torry Battery is a popular spot for those who want to spot the Bottlenose Dolphins. In order to get the best view, the region between the orange breakwater wall and the lighthouse is your go-to spot. The location is even more reliable in the summer period, as the dolphins can sometimes be spotted feeding. When you are passing the harbour breakwater, you can easily spot 20 and more dolphins!

How to go on a tour guided by experts?

In order to make the best of your experience and leave with all your questions answered, you can opt to go for a dolphinwatch viewing organised by RSPB. Look out for the RSPB van in the Torry Battery car park area to join the experts. This Dolphinwatch team is available to answer your questions from April to August. They work from Thursday to Sunday, 11 am-5 pm (weather permitting) to give you a holistic experience of the tour. The visitors are provided with binoculars, spotting scopes and other aids to ensure the best possible experience.


Are there any special events conducted?

Varying as per the schedule, special events like rockpool rambles and beach clean-ups are conducted throughout the year. These are great initiatives to bring people closer to their natural surroundings and in order to stay updated about the same, you can follow RSPB Dolphinwatch’s social media pages.

Another recent special event has been the DoplhinFest. After immense popularity in its first year, it returned for the second time from 15-19 April, 2020. The event is open for both the locals and visitors to the Aberdeen Harbour and organises various marine-themed activities and events for its audience.

What should you remember on a visit?

As the weather can be gusty, you should carry warm, waterproofed clothing and other amenities. Also keep drinks or any other snacks for the way. Wheelchair accessible parking is available in the premises.

Where should you stay for a longer visit?

There are numerous OYO residences available near the Torry Battery for those who plan to stay the night nearby. The hotels are scattered in various parts, so you can always choose a location that will fit your bill. The residences are clean, spacious, designed in contemporary styles and have hospitable service, free Wi-fi, complimentary breakfasts and other services to ensure a stress-free stay.