Best Things to do in Blackpool – Your Handy Guide

19 January 2021 Off By Preeti Asri

Wondering are hotels open in UK? Without fretting too much, simply check all local guidelines and countrywide regulations before booking your UK hotels and seeking out things to do in Blackpool during lockdown. Now, Blackpool is a great place to make a little trip in the present scenario since it is one of England’s best seaside retreats with ample open spaces and outdoor attractions that will keep you happily engaged without any anxieties whatsoever. 

There are innumerable things to do in Blackpool during COVID that you should take a closer look at by all means. The English coastal resort town is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in all of Europe with its fabulous entertainment options, famous illuminations and top-notch food and beverages for company as well. Blackpool is a large sized seaside town and retreat along England’s Lancashire coast and is nestled along the Irish Sea right between the Wyre and Ribble estuaries. This is 24 kilometers northwest from the location of Preston while it goes 43 kilometers northwards from Liverpool as well. It is also northwest from Bolton and 64 kilometers northwest from the famous city of Manchester. It is also the most populated town in all of Lancashire. Blackpool has always been a popular coastal destination all throughout the Early Modern period and Medieval period in the Hundred of Amounderness in Lancashire, remaining so till the mid-18th century when it became more fashionable to travel here in summer for health improvement reasons. 

In the year 1781, visitors were greatly attracted towards the 7 mile beach in Blackpool which could now be accessed through a private road built by the likes of Sir Henry Hoghton and Thomas Clifton. Stagecoaches started venturing to Blackpool in 1781 from Manchester and in 1782 from Halifax while new buildings were constructed in the early 19th century period by John Cocker and Harry Banks. St. John’s Church was consecrated here in the town around 1821. Steadily, Blackpool became a major tourist hub with the railway built here in the 1840s and it steadily became a major resort town with a lovely promenade, public houses, eateries, piers and more. The town comprises of several landmarks and attractions including the Blackpool Illumination, Tower, Zoo, Pleasure Beach, Winter Gardens and the sole surviving tramway in the UK from the first-generation. The iconic Imperial Hotel was built here as early as 1866-67 while two large piers were also built to rival Brighton, the choice back then for affluent travelers. It had some of the world’s earliest electric lights while the Winter Gardens came in the 1870s followed by electric street lights in 1879 along with an aquarium. It had one of the first electric tram lines worldwide in the 1880s while Blackpool Towers once had the distinction of being the tallest building in Britain, opening in 1894 for the general public. 

Things to do in Blackpool for visitors

There are several things to do in Blackpool that you will absolutely love. Here’s taking a look at some of them. 

  • Blackpool Tower- This is the biggest attraction in Blackpool and one of the top things to do in Blackpool for families with a taste for adrenaline and nature alike. A ticket will get you entry into this historic and famous tower that opened its doors in the year 1894 and is now a historic Grade-I listed landmark in Britain as well. It was inspired greatly by the famous Paris-based Eiffel Tower and goes up to 158 meters in terms of height or approximately 518 ft, nestled between the central and north piers. The Blackpool Tower Eye is an amazing observation tower with a glass floor which offers a panoramic and stunning view over the pristine Irish Sea while also coming with a 4D Cinema for viewers to get a glimpse into a fascinating movie made about the tower in question. The tower will also have the Dungeons, Ballroom and Circus which are fabulous attractions for children and adults alike. You will love the Lancashire coastline view along with the bird’s eye glimpse into the lovely and historic town itself. If it is a clear day, then you can readily see till the Lake District, North Wales and even the Isle of Man. 
  • Blackpool Beaches- There are gorgeous sandy beaches scattered all throughout Blackpool which cover several miles, making them popular picks for couples, families and those on day trips alike. These are suitable things to do in Blackpool for couples since they are ideal for romantic walks and strolls, hand-in-hand along the mesmerizing coastline in the evenings, early mornings and also late at night. Play games on the beach with your fellow travelers or go on a charming little picnic with your beloved. Simply find a good and peaceful spot for catching up on your reading with the sound of the waves for company. There are three piers that line the coastline and you will find lip-smacking ice cream and food along the route as well. 
  • Blackpool Piers- There are north, central and south piers in Blackpool, drawing more visitors looking to enjoy their time on the carousels, arcades, rides and also watch performances by local street artists and immerse themselves in the heady live music on offer. You can simply relax on the charming deckchairs while looking out at the beautiful roaring sea or simply exploring the wonderful restaurants, arcades and other joints nestled along these iconic piers. These famous landmarks have been dotting the Blackpool coastline since the 19th century onwards. 
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach- Just a little away from the South Pier in Blackpool is Pleasure Beach. This is one of the most renowned amusement parks in Britain, containing the Nickelodeon Land and several thrilling adventure rides as well. This is one of the United Kingdom’s largest theme parks with attractions like the Big One which adrenaline junkies have labeled as the most frightening and swiftest ride while Infusion is the first rollercoaster in the world to be fully suspended over the water. There are tons of beverage, food and shopping choices on offer. 
  • Blackpool Illumination- This extravaganza takes place on a yearly basis and has become a popular landmark in the Britain calendar. Since launch in the year 1879, the festival of light takes place each autumn when more than 1 million bulbs illuminate the streets. The illuminations are completely free, lasting till a period of 66 days and the Big Switch On is hosted by various celebrities annually with concerts taking place in the evenings as well. You can enjoy these light shows with drive-throughs in vehicles or even opting for an open-top tram ride or horse-drawn carriage ride. 
  • Blackpool Zoo – Blackpool Zoo is another of the best things to do in Blackpool for families. The zoo has a fascinating mix of wildlife and greenery on offer and you will be immersed in various habitats including the jungles of the Amazon, African savannah and even other far-away destinations. There are more than 1,500 fascinating animals spread out over this zoo encompassing 32 acres in all. These include elephants, tigers and zebras while other landmarks include the penguin pool and Gorilla Mountain. 
  • Sea Life Blackpool- Sea Life Blackpool gives visitors an opportunity to delve into underwater ecosystems. It is near the central pier in the seaside town and houses 2,000+ varied sea creatures including octopus, rays, sharks and fish alike. The center undertakes conservation initiatives greatly for safeguarding the aquatic life in the local region. 
  • Stanley Park- Stanley Park is the key park in the entire town and is a great place to spend time with loved ones, relaxing amidst the abundant sunshine amidst beautiful natural greenery. The impeccably landscaped design and rare wildlife are major attractions along with the bevy of golf courses, sports centers, the boat hiring facility, cricket ground, art deco café and of course, the wonderful skate park. With approximately 260 acres of parklands accommodated here, there is a lot to explore on your part as well. You will enjoy several musical performances along the trail while heritage walks are another big draw. 
  • Grundy Art Gallery- Grundy Art Gallery is where art lovers can fully satiate their aesthetic tastes. It is 100+ years old and showcases artists from across the globe and also the United Kingdom (UK). It is only a few minutes away from the promenade and hosts several exhibitions throughout the year with on-site guides and available audio tours alike. 
  • Blackpool Model Village- Blackpool Model Village is called the biggest miniature village in Lancashire and the models have a timeline that they chart throughout the years. They cover Tudor settlements and other structures along with majestic castles, lighthouses and even cricket matches. This is nestled along the edge of the well-known Stanley Park and there are several activities on offer including hunting for Easter eggs as well. This is a great place to check out with your children while the site also has its own gift shop and café alike. 
  • Sandcastle Waterpark- You will enjoy visiting the biggest indoor Waterpark in the UK which has more than 18 slides and other attractions housed within the tropical climate of 84 degrees. For those accompanied with children, there are several attractions in store including the Ushi Gushi Action River along with the thrilling Thunderfall and its twisting slides. There is the Duelling Dragons and Shimmering Shallows in tandem with the Typhoon Lagoon Wavepool for amazing entertainment. The interactive water play zone has a massive tipping coconut, tipping over more than 600 gallons of water from right above this water park along with mini slides, jets and water cannons galore. Those looking for more adventure may purchase the Hyperzone Wristband which ensures full access to the famous white knuckle slides. For those not in the loop, these are the slides which have 360 degree loops with thrilling back to back turns and there are slides with drops into a huge bowl as well. There is the biggest indoor rollercoaster waterslide in the world at this amusement park, going up to a whopping 250 meters in terms of length and the first indoor white knuckle sidewinder slide in the world. 
  • Madame Tussauds Blackpool- This is the branch of the iconic wax museum in Blackpool with 80+ famous figures including film and television superstars, other celebrities, musicians and sportspersons alike. The collection includes several famous personalities while guests may venture to the floor and meet all the stars of Strictly with judge Craig Revel Horwood and Tess and Claudia as well. Coronation Street fans will also love the famous Rovers Return replica with the classic characters present. 
  • South Pier Adrenaline Zone- The South Pier is where you will find various activities and arcades along with numerous attractions like the Adrenaline Zone, a newer kid on the block in Blackpool. This offers truly adrenaline rushing activities including the Skycoaster which is a swing where two people are dropped from a whopping 120 ft, enjoying the free-fall of almost 15 ft while the huge swing takes them almost lower than 6 ft from the pier, decking at 80 miles per hour roughly in terms of speed. You will enjoy being swooped right over the gushing waters, enjoying being completely weightless for a moment prior to landing. The Skyscreamer flings guests at more than 150 kilometers per hour into the air for around 2 seconds or even less. This reverse-bungee has a cage which will roll forward and backwards throughout almost 360 degrees. Spider Mountain is a multi-storied massive Labyrinth with several thrilling drops and cables. Reaching the top ensures amazing views of the sea and piers. 

Best Restaurants in Blackpool 

Along with finding the best things to do in Blackpool, you should also check out the leading restaurants in town. Some of them include the following: 

  • Blackpool Fish Factory- Nestled on the central promenade in Blackpool and at the heart of its Golden Mile, this is where you will enjoy classic fish and chips with the best and freshest fish being used on a daily basis along with freshly chipped potatoes as well. The classic chippy chips here are must-trys by all means. 
  • The Beach House- With a pristine setting along the coastline, this bar and bistro has some of the best sea views that you will find at any establishment in Blackpool. The al-fresco dining provisions here are spectacular while the building is also historic with live musicians performing here from Thursdays to Sundays. Those looking for delightful grub will find the tapas menu quite fulfilling indeed. 
  • Rowley’s- Housed within the Blackpool Football Club Hotel, this award-winning establishment offers wonderful gourmet dining options to guests in a more casual setting. The location by the club means that you get wonderful stadium views while the menu has been impeccably tailored for adding more sophistication to the entire dining experience. This restaurant has been awarded as the New Lancashire Restaurant of the Year by none other than the Lancashire Magazine as well. You should not miss out on the wild boar sausage rolls for the best mixture of gourmet cooking and British flavors alike. Those seeking desserts should try the mixed dessert platter including Candy Floss, mini Doughnuts and the Blackpool Rock Ice Cream. 
  • Toast Café Bar and Grill Restaurant- Blackpool holiday-goers can enjoy the delightful sunlight and the exotic flavors on the menu at this establishment. This comes with a lip-smacking menu containing several top favorites like steak and kidney pudding, haddock and chips and also tapas menus for guests. Locally sourced ingredients are vital for crafting the menu at this restaurant. 
  • Number One South Beach- This restaurant is known for its lovely ambient lighting, charming and modern décor theme, lip-smacking cuisine and its strategic location within a 5-star boutique hotel. It is located right alongside the seafront, offering fabulous views for customers while the gourmet cuisine offerings are also enticing to say the least. The best local ingredients are a major plus point at this restaurant, the dishes are impeccably crafted by expert chefs and the dining experience here is sophisticated and pleasant. The Devilled Chicken Livers are a must-try for visitors here. 
  • Blackpool Tower Ballroom- The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is where you will enjoy an experience which is quintessentially British by all means. Right from the teas or even the history behind this wonderful landmark, there is plenty to keep you happily engaged. Sample the delightful afternoon tea here and go back in time to an earlier era with piping scones and fizz for company while watching dancing couples amidst the sounds belted out by the Wurlitzer Organ. 

These are the best attractions and restaurants that you simply should not miss while you are in Blackpool for a well-deserved break. Check out the best UK hotels in this charming seaside town and enjoy a fun-filled and merry vacation with your loved ones in tow.