5 Popular Attractions Near Titanic Belfast

17 August 2020 Off By Saket Gupta

A visit to the Titanic Belfast is a heartfelt journey back into time. Through a unique rendition of its story, you will get to hear the tale of Titanic through the eyes of the people and the city that gave rise to it.

The Belfast is built on the site of the former Harland & Wolff shipyard in the city’s Titanic Quarter. A visit to the Titanic Belfast covers a tour through its interactive galleries and exhibitions which make use of special effects, dark rides and other features to provide its visitors with the tale of the titanic in the city that birthed it.

To get the complete essence of a trip to the Titanic Belfast, here is a list of some popular attractions in the Titanic Quarter which appear to have a magnetic quality for travellers in the region.

Titanic Pilgrimage Walk

Led by the Chaplains from the Dock, this is a guided tour for visitors to experience the beginnings and endings of the fateful journey of the Titanic. The tour seeks to create a timeline of the ship and points the onlookers to various landmarks of its historical being. Eyewitness testimonies, performances and narratives shared by people make this experience extremely heartfelt and memorable.

The Riverboat Tour

The tour over the calm waters of Belfast narrates the story of the city’s history and the changes over the years. As you sit and experience a light breeze on your face, you will hear the tales of Belfast’s maritime legacy and its transformation from an industrial sport to a bustling tourist attraction. This is a beautiful experience, as you realise that you are experiencing a part of Belfast’s legacy that it is immensely proud of.

W5 Interactive Centre

This the place where adults and children unite! Have got a creative mind and want to try your hands at something science related or simply goofy? This is the perfect getaway for you!

W5 is a discovery centre wherein people of all ages can come and visit the amazing exhibits and unleash their inner scientists.

SS Nomadic

SS Nomadic

The tour does not simply give you the narratives of the people who share a common history with the titanic and its journey. It also presents you with a part of that history. The SS Nomadic is RSM Titanic’s original tender ship and the last remaining White Star Vessel in the world!

You don’t only get see to see a sight of this historic ship, but also walk its decks and explore it from the inside. This is an experience of utter awe and wonder.

Grab a delicious bite!

After a long and overwhelming day of exploring the Titanic Quarters, you can head towards The Pantry restaurant to give a treat to your taste buds! Choose from a range of menu options covering Northern Irish good items. To grab a lighter bite and get your dose of afternoon tea, you can also stop by the Titanic Suite.

Family Hotels Near Titanic Belfast

Various family hotels near the Titanic Belfast like OYO Parador Lodge, OYO Avenue House and OYO Standing Stones Lodge to name a few – are a suitable option for visitors to the region. These hotels cater to families and offer professional and customer-friendly personnel for a memorable stay. As the hotels are skewered over various locations in the city, the visitors have a variety of options to choose from.