5 Harry Potter Things to do in Edinburgh

30 August 2020 Off By Saket Gupta

Every avid reader is well familiar with the feeling of wanting to escape into their favourite fictional book. When it comes to the huge cultural phenomenon that Harry Potter has become, the list of things that a Potterhead wants to try is endless.

Be it defeating the Dark Lord or casting your favourite spell- the city of Edinburgh offers a real-life replica to every Potterhead’s fantasies. Afterall, it is the city wherein JK Rowling wrote parts of her books and gained inspiration from. If you plan to visit Edinburgh anytime soon, here is a list of 5 things that every Potterhead must try in Edinburgh.

Harry Potter

Visit the cafes which JK Rowling frequented

Cafes like “The Elephant House” and “Spoon Café” have become one of the most popular harry potter related places to visit in Edinburgh. These are the cafes that are rumoured to be the birthing spots of various chunks of JK Rowling’s books. In fact, the Spoon Café is said to be the spot wherein her first book, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” came into creation. Imagine going back to the place where it all started!

Watch the Spontaneous Potter

An immense hit, the Spontaneous Potter is a completely improvised Harry Potter comedy play. The play is improvised on the spot and naturally leaves the audience in splits. It is performed on a weekly basis at the Monkey Barrel Comedy. This is the perfect mix of everything comedy and fiction to feed the fan inside you.

Take a stroll on the Victoria Street

The street that is rumoured to be an inspiration for the popular, fictional Diagon Alley is sure to make any Harry Potter fan wide-eyed with fascination. Take a stroll on the Victoria Street and you will undoubtedly get to experience its magical charms. Do spot various Harry Potter themed shops and other quaint cafes down this winding street. You might just find yourself teleporting into the world of witchcraft and wizardry!

Do activities that will teleport you to the Potter world

If you want to try out a guided tour, then the Potter Trail is a must-try for you. Join a robed guide who will take you across the city. You will get to meet other Potterheads and spot sites that inspired instances in the books, visit locations that Rowling frequented and who knows, maybe have a Harry Potter trivia battle on the way as well!

Buy Harry Potter related souvenirs

How can one visit Edinburgh, do everything Harry Potter related and forget to bring back a souvenir from the trip?

Every Potterhead knows that Harry Potter merchandise and gifts are priceless. However, if we were to give you a price for some of them, we would guide you to some of these shops.

“The Boy Wizard’ is an officially licensed shop on Royal Mile and Victoria Street. If you are shopping on a budget, the Primark Branches are a suitable go-to shopping spot.

Find a residence nearby

When you are going on a Harry Potter tour around Edinburgh, choosing a suitable prime location can be very important. Numerous OYO residences in and around these sites are present for visitors who want to relax in a homely environment after a long day. All the hotels are equipped with contemporary amenities and services to ensure that your entire Harry Potter experience in Edinburgh becomes a memorable one.