September 17th, 2018 by OYO Team

Why you should visit Goa now

The pint-sized state, popularly referred to as the pearl of the orient, Goa is more than the scenic beaches and the colorful trance parties. It is a blend of history and culture, mixed with the sweetened feeling of freedom, stirred to serve happiness and positive vibes. Goa is a destination for anyone and everyone, yet it is different for everyone. Come, explore, and discover an altogether different realm of scenic beauty on your visit to Goa and let yourself soak in the mists of Goan culture. Choose among our various Goa Tour Packages and book one for you now to enjoy an enthralling Goa Tour!

Taking the popularity in question we took a survey to understand the mindset people have for Goa. From the most preferred visiting time of the year to some of the most popular beaches at Goa. Also, the other attractions in Goa other than the beaches are also on the rise, prompting an infusion of different kinds of travel enthusiasts. This info-graphic gives a fair overview of visiting Goa.

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Why you should visit Goa
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