Top 40 Sangeet Songs for Fantabulous Evening

songs for sangeet ceremony

There are a lot of things to take care for a sangeet ceremony like decorations, food, bride’s attire and bridal makeup. If it is mehendi clubbed sangeet ceremony, there will be a whole new set of rituals to take care of. But you cannot forget the sangeet songs list no matter what. Some peppy songs, dance numbers, some nostalgic numbers, and some latest sangeet songs, you need to include it all.

You will be happy that you don’t have to waste time doing that. Here is a complete list of new and semi new songs perfect for a sangeet ceremony.

  1. Nagada

Jab We Met was the happiest movie of 2007 and the positive vibes resonate even after 11 years. The energy of the Nagada song will set the tone for the sangeet ceremony. This energetic number will allow only the best peppy songs to follow.

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  1. Kaala Chashma

Talking about peppy songs, can you think of some sangeet dance songs that could pep it up more than Kaala Chashma? If you are on a dance battle, reproducing the steps perfectly will make sure you will have no competition.

  1. Joote de do

This one isn’t much of a dance number but you can totally sing along. It is a warning for the groom’s side. The mischievous nieces are already planning the customary theft. Be ready with a lot of cash to buy your own shoes back.

  1. Gal Mitthi Mitthi

Another dance number, this song defines happiness. All smiles and a lot of energy is what you need to enjoy yourself fully when Gal Mitthi Mitthi Bol is on.

  1. Mehendi Lagake Rakhna

Very appropriate for the occasion, the Mehendi song from DDLJ is a classic. Most people club their sangeet ceremony and their mehendi rasam these days. It is an efficient way to save time and money. So, this song is a must, when the bride is sitting for her mehendi.

  1. Dilli Waali Girlfriend

Cheeky but flattering, this song only works when the sangeet ceremony is open to all. Battle of the sexes can wait. It is time to flirt. This song creates the perfect chance to flirt with the singles or just anybody you like. When the song plays, ask the girl you had been eyeing all this while, to dance with you.

  1. London Thumakda

This is for everybody the kids, the old women, the dads. Everybody can ace the London Thumakda signature move. Leave this one for the end maybe or for the time when it is officially the end and time for the kids and older people to leave before one last dance together.

  1. Radha

This for that solo dance from the girls side. Or maybe from the boys’ side when they steal the best dancer from the girls’ team. Burn!

  1. Aiwayi Lutt Gaya

Perfect sangeet song. Easy dance steps.

aiwayi lutt gaya

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Fun, funky, energetic beats. All CHECK! This is a must have on the list of sangeet songs.

  1. Waah Waah Raamji

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun is one of the iconic shaadi movies of Bollywood. This song is perfect to tease the bride and the groom and at the same time, truly praise the lord for such matchmaking.

  1. Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

Another opportunity to flirt. This song is a dance number alright. But it is also perfect to propose the next marriage at the dawn of the current one! If you have someone you’d like to propose to already, don’t let go of this opportunity. Plan it all up. Make sure she wants to say yes though. Else it’ll be a very awkward wedding story.

  1. Emosanal Atyachaar

10 fun, peppy songs die to give rise to one of these. This song is for all the youngsters in love, freshly out of love, and wanting to be in love again.

  1. Om Mangalam

The best way to pick on the previously commitment phobic bride or groom is to play this song. Since now there are no more cold feet, it is all fun and game.

  1. Bole Chudiyaan

The elders could perform on this, all on their own, without the youngsters.

bole chudiyan

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They deserve full footage on the stage too. Of course, the youngsters will help them learn the steps first.

  1. High Heels Pe Nachche

This is for the bride and groom who want to make a point. This is one of the few sangeet dance songs for the cool hep couple. All the alpha males, this is your chance to flaunt your feminine side and prove that you are more of a man than the one with the biggest moustache.

  1. Main Tera Boyfriend

This one should be the song that the girls and boys together put together for the bride and groom. No battle, nothing. Just one of those fun-filled songs for sangeet and dance.

  1. Swag Se Swaagat

Enter the hall with this song. Some signature moves, the first dance on stage, welcoming everybody with swag.

  1. Bann Meri Raani

A lot of swag and battles and hep attitude needs to be balanced out with some sweet numbers.

banja meri rani

Image Source

  1. Gulaabo

Dance away like Shahid and Alia. Or at least try. This is got to be fun.

  1. Bumro

The Mission Kashmir song is perfect for a Kashmiri themed sangeet, or even otherwise.

  1. Sasuraal Genda Phool

Perfect song for the bride to be. Here’s hoping she will love her new home.

  1. Desi girl

All the beautiful Indian women in traditional attires deserve a flattering song dedicated to them.

  1. Mawja hi Mawja

Because you cannot have enough of Jab We Met.

  1. Tune Maari Entry

Another dhamaakedar entry number for the girls.

  1. Breakup Song

Why let the singles and newly singles feel left out?

break up song

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This is for the lone souls who know how to be happy without a beau at a wedding.

  1. Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye

Remember when most of you were kids? The bride, the groom, their friends. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was a sensation. How can we not have a song from this movie!

  1. Saddi Gali

The music is melodious and the song is part sad, part happy. Perfect for a new beginning that is both exciting and an end to bachelorette life.

  1. Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai

Tribute from the best friends! This is the one song fit for the best friend to sing for the groom or bride or both!

  1. Didi Tera Devar Deewana

Get the Casanova of the family to the centre of the room, trap him, and dance around him to this track.

  1. Thug Le

We have pushed the battle of the sexes away long enough. Go get it, boys and girls! This is your song! Face off!

  1. Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai

Dance away. Continue dancing. Getting tired? Today is no time to rest.

  1. Dance Basanti

And if you just happen to take a break, there will be people behind you urging you to dance basanti.

  1. Mann Ma Emosan Jaage

The peppy songs always tune things up. If there was too much noise, balance it out with this one, without compromising on the fun factor.

  1. Hookah Bar

Whether there is a hookah corner or not, this song will get people in the mood to throw their hands up and dance.

  1. Munni Badnaam

This is for the bold, confident girls to pull off. Not everybody can do Munni Badnaam gracefully at a sangeet. But if you can, you must.

  1. Anarkali Disco Chali

Another Malaika number. This one is slower paced, for the non dancers to join in.

  1. Aapka Kya Hoga

It is fun being single where there is nobody to worry about you. You might pretend to be all sad forever alone, just for the fun, but deep down you know you are free. Rub it in the face of the bride and the groom.

  1. Malhari

When the boys are hell bent on winning the dance battle, they will dance to Malhari. Nobody is Ranveer Singh level hot and cool at the same time. But this song does the trick.

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