Top 10 Things to Do in Pune

A thriving city of Maharashtra, Pune offers the right mix of an old-world-charm and the new vibrance.

Here are of the top 10 things you can do to explore the city.

1.  Have a Tryst with History

A flourishing city in the past, Pune is home to elaborate museums that take you back in the era of grandeur. These beautiful vaults of history are located all over the city, so, rest assured, you’ll always find one near your hotel room in Pune. Here are some of the famous museums that you can explore.

*National War Museum

Dedicated to the armed forces of India, this landmark museum has a great display of war artefacts.   

*Tilak Museum

Go through the archives of independence by browsing through the possessions of the freedom fighter, Lokmanya Tilak.

*Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

The museum displays the impressive collection of antique utensils, artefacts and writing tools from late Dr D.G. Kelkar’s unique assortment.


2.  Take the Temple Tour

Pune is decorated with famous Ganapati temples, making it quite popular amongst the devotees of Lord Ganesh. Some of the famous temples of Pune are:

 *Siddhivinayak Temple
A popular temple dedicated to the Siddhivinayak form of Lord Ganesh, it is the commencement point for the ashtavinayak pilgrimage.

*Chintamani Temple
The temple was built to pay homage to the lore in which Lord Ganesh retrieved the wish-granting Chintamani jewel for his disciple.

*Ballaleshwar Temple
This is the only temple named after a devotee. The temple comprises a sitting idol of Lord Ganesh with Riddhi and Siddhi on a silver backdrop.

3.  Be at One with the Majestic Monuments

The city is home to a number of grand monuments and architectural wonders. Book a hotel in Pune near one of these magnificent buildings to make sure you don’t lose time in commuting.

 *Shanivar Wada
A famous tourist attraction, this fort was the seat of the Peshwas during the Maratha reign.

*Aga Khan Palace
A prison during the British Rule, this palace was built by Sultan Aga Khan in 1892 as a refuge for the famine-hit families.

*Shinde Chhatri
This historical monument serves as an incredible reminder of the beauty of Rajasthani and British architecture.

4.  Stroll through the Lush Greenery

Most of Pune’s cultural splendour is held together by breathtaking parks that sum up its exquisite beauty. From nature’s wonders to historical masterpieces, you’ll find all of it in your Pune park tour. 

 *Osho Ashram
Find serenity and inner peace while meditating at the Osho Ashram, which is dedicated to the teachings of Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain.

*Bund Garden
Find tranquil greenery in the heart of the busy city at the Bund Garden, situated on the banks of the Mula River.

*Katraj Snake Park
Be a witness to Pune’s wild side with over 160 species of snakes, along with turtles and colourful birds.

5.  Take an Art Walk

An art walk on the streets of Pune is a great way to make your trip memorable. Pune’s extravagant art culture pops out in nondescript spots, making for a vibrant amalgamation of old-world-charm and modern techniques of expression.

*Art2Day Gallery

Walk through the halls of incredible art at this famous gallery that aims to promote young and old talent alike.

*Tribal Museum

Experience the intricate art of various tribes from all over Maharashtra that make up the traditional potpourri of India’s culture.

*Gyan Adab

The perfect place for poetry enthusiasts, this gallery holds reading sessions and has a stocked up library that can be used at any time.


6.  Spice it up with the Local Cuisine

A trip to Pune is incomplete till you have had a delectable taste of the regional cuisine mixed in with a sprinkle of oriental delights. Explore the potpourri of heavenly taste at these popular places. 


*Malaka Spice

A plateful of creative fusion and sumptuous tastes greets you at Malaka Spice, one of the most celebrated restaurants in the city. 

*Paprika Hot Rock

Prepare your food the way you like at the tables of this sizzling restaurant that invites you for an exciting experience. 

*Baan Tao

Serving as a haven for the Asian cuisine lovers, this restaurant offers a tasteful platter of innovative creations.


7.  Explore in the Heart of Nature

Enjoy the nature’s bounty under the mesmerising canopy of verdant greens with sparkling lakes and amazing fauna all around at the following places:


*Peacock Bay

Discover the beauty of peacocks found around the sparkling waters of the lake.

*Khandakwasala Dam

Be amazed by the vast expanse of turquoise water at this dam that serves as the major water resource of the city. 

*Baner Pashan Biodiversity Park

Protecting the biodiversity present around Pashan hill, this 200 hectares park is the best place to spend some quality time with family.


8.  Spend the Day at the Amusement Parks

Making sure you have the best family holiday ever, Pune is quite close to numerous amusement parks where you can take your kids and have a fun-filled joyride. An online hotel booking near the park would give you more time to enjoy or other than that have various one day picnic spot near pune.


*Adlabs Imagica

A popular theme park in the city, this place serves as the go-to place for families with young kids who can enjoy fun activities all day long.

*Krushnai Water Park

Try your hands at kayaking, speed boating or water scooter riding amidst the Sahyadri Mountains at this water park.


9.  Take an Adventure Tour

Enjoy the complete holiday experience on your trip to Pune with the various adventure activities that are in store. 

*Temple Pilots

 A paragliding school, this place trains individuals for paragliding with great care towards safety measures.

Take a trek through Parvati Hill to visit the grand Shiva Temple located at the peak.



10. Have a Night Out at all the Happening Spots

Revel in the glory of neon-lit nightclubs and pubs that are spread across the city. Partying all through the night, make sure you let your hair down and have a great time.


A smooth mix of fun, dance and drinks, this place lets you enjoy the night with lovely décor and great music.

*High Spirits

Enjoy the Live gigs and off-beat music at this place, which is affordable and pretty at the same time.

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