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Singapore is the one destination which can alone feature the image of what we call as ‘modern Asia’. The bling’s and lights all around, sky-high buildings surrounding everywhere, luxurious dine-ins, fast-paced life, and ever so happening nightlife, in contrast to the jungle roads, quaint art galleries, exquisite islands and gardens, and shopping in the bustling markets, offer an amalgamation of modern culture and ancient history to the tourists.

So, if you are planning to pay a visit to this ever-so-bustling modern city, be prepared to be swoon away with its advanced civilization! But before you pack your bags, it’s important that you know all the details of everything Singapore-an! This is where our Singapore Travel Guide can help you with detailed and upgraded information which will open gates of explorations for a wonderful trip with your loved ones.

Best Time To Visit Singapore

Singapore possesses weather condition which is much similar to that of Southeast Asia. Our Singapore Travel Guide curators have recorded many variations in its temperature all year-round and the weather usually remains hot and humid with occasional pleasant sunny days and torrential rain. However, the months from February to April remain comparatively drier with less amount of rainfall and is thus considered as the Singapore Best Time to Visit.

With the help of our Singapore Travel Guide, plan your trip accordingly and participate in the festivals and events garnered around the peak months. The Christmas in December and the Chinese New Year in January, followed by Great Singapore Sale and Singapore Food Festival, from June to July, makes it ideal for tourists to visit. Thus, April stands out to be the Best Month to Visit Singapore with an abundance of pleasant weather, shopping craze, and festive fervor.

However, if you are planning a Budget Trip To Singapore, then you can take help from the Singapore Travel Guide to take knowledge about the perfect time to visit this city. The period of August to October is generally an off-season, except for the month of September when there is a flow of tourists due to the Singapore Grand Prix event. The temperature, however, remains high, and the rains become torrential during this time, so you can get cheap hotels and great discounts easily.

How To Reach Singapore

With our Singapore Travel Guide, you can get an idea about the air, sea, and road routes to reach Singapore. The most convenient way to reach Singapore is by air. In fact, many Singapore Packages include flight reservations so that travelers can have a comfortable journey. Upon arrival, you will land at Changi airport which is one of the award-winning airports of the world and connects to all the major countries around the world. The airport can get you a mini Singapore Tour Guide experience even before you set foot on the roads of Singapore with its world-class architecture and facilities!

As Sri Lanka is an island country, we have listed down the sea route to Singapore, to be another convenient route in our Singapore Travel Guide. The destination itself offers a number of cruise services across Southeast Asia namely, Royal Caribbean Cruise, Princess Cruise, and Celebrity Cruises from many major countries. From India, a Cruise Package To Singapore would require at least twelve days to two weeks, to reach Singapore. There are in-land ferry services connected to the major cities like Tanjung Belungkor, Indonesia, and Malaysia which are commonly available. So, if you want to do a break journey via sea routes, then you can do that too.

Things You Need for Your Singapore Trip

All of us have a wee sense of excitement while we visit a foreign land, and this can only double up if Singapore is the destination! However, all excitement and no advance planning can lead to half-baked fun! So, plan your suitcase well, with our Singapore Travel Tips before you head-on for a lovely vacation.

  • Insurance and Documentation – The first travel tip included in our Singapore Travel Guide, is to get travel insurance before you set on. This insurance will come in handy in an unforeseen event such as baggage loss or any theft instances. Since Singapore is an international destination, it is imperative that you take your passport along with you throughout your journey.
  • Toiletries and Accessories – The climate of Singapore remains hot and humid accompanied by sudden downpours, so carrying umbrellas, sunscreen, and small backpacks to carry water bottles, are a must. Since a major part of your Sightseeing Package In Singapore would involve traveling, packing a power-bank will be useful for charging your electronics.
  • Clothing – Singapore is majorly a hot and humid destination, so carrying short clothing like pairs of skirts, shorts, t-shirts, and dresses will be the best choice. As these soft fabrics are comfortable on the skin, it’ll allow you to enjoy your trip comfortably without any wardrobe malfunction.

Things to Do in Singapore

There’s a gamut of activities and experiences you can indulge in Singapore. From shopping to your heart content in lush shopping plaza, to satiating your taste-buds with the best culinary experience, the majority of Singapore packages come with hordes of activities that cater to all sorts of travelers.

No Singapore Travel Guide is complete without letting you know the electrifying ambiance of Singapore’s over-brimming nightlife; which is sure to set you in a gala mood for some amazing party ambiance. There are numerous party options at Clarke Quay or visit the Tiger Sky Tower to get a scenic night view of the beaming city. Want to try something offbeat? Then head out for a night safari at the Singapore Zoo which will let you witness the activities of nocturnal animals. If you are traveling with a family, then a visit to the Universal Studios of Singapore is a must on the list which has an endless number of amusement options. Besides, you can also get to know about a number of nature parks, museums, architectural buildings, art galleries with our Singapore Travel Guide. If you are more interested to explore the south-east Asian culture, then a Singapore City Tour through the bustling markets of Chinatown and Lau Pa Sat would be an amazing idea to experience the Asian culture at its best.

Food Dishes You Should Try In Singapore

Singapore offers a plethora of culinary options with diversified food cultures. Our Singapore Travel Guide helps you to cut the list short, only to savor some of the most authentic Singapore lip-smacking options. Each and every local food joint, or five-star restaurants, our cozy little cafeterias, has their own plate of the story to narrate, with their individual culinary creativity. You will get mouth-watering foods ranging from Japanese to Chinese, Thai to Indian, Italian to American, and a lot more at pocket-friendly prices. That’s a great call to all foodies out there! Looking for trying out the most famous or popular dish in the city? Order the Peranakan or Nonya cuisine of Singapore, a concoction of Chinese and Malay culinary styles which is often a major hit with locals and tourists alike.

So, are you ready to set out for your Singapore trip and explore the city on your own? Then, get-set, and go! Looking for an amazing deal for Singapore? Choose yours from a wide range of Singapore Tour Packages options and set out for a fun-filled vacation!

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