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Bangalore, is not only the emerging IT hub of the country but also a massive hot spot for tourists because of its history and culture. Rightly tagged as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, the state showcases a perfect amalgamation of heritage and modernity. It offers tons of choices for the locals and tourists to indulge in sightseeing, explore the museums, eat and drink and of course, shop in some of the most vibrant markets of the country.

The unprecedented growth of IT in Bangalore has reshaped the façade of the city as of now, one may take a long, leisurely stroll through the greenery of parks, or hop into one of the several renowned craft breweries in the city for a cool refreshing beverage. Bangalore is now renowned for its eateries and pubs dotting every corner of the city, serving any cuisine one can think of. Rooftop cafes, late-night eats, brunches, buffets – Bangalore has it all.

Well, before you go all out and let loose that pockets of yours, how about visiting markets that will not only cater to your cravings and taste but also help you shop for necessary and unique items and get some great deals? Bangalore presents the shopper with an open galore, especially when it comes to street and affordable shopping. From street stalls to local markets here’s a little peek at the places that have won customers with the variety of products on sale and that too at very economical prices.

Therefore, here is a list of some shopping places that you must visit on your next trip to Bangalore.

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15 Cheap Shopping Places in Bengaluru

  1. Brigade Road
  2. Commercial Street
  3. Majestic Market
  4. Dubai Plaza
  5. Malleswaram
  6. Avenue Road
  7. MG Road
  8. Chickpet
  9. Ajji Mane
  10. Market at SP Road
  11. Gandhi Bazar
  12. National Market
  13. Jayanagar
  14. Garuda Mall
  15. Phoenix Market City

1. Brigade Road

Brigade Road

Brigade road is loaded with branded and non-branded stores. There are big brand stores like Levis, Jack N Jones, Vero Moda, Louis Phillipe, Baggit, etc. Also, there are antique stores where you can buy handmade and handcrafted products. Visit the Dubai Plaza and Tibetan Plaza for exclusive shoes, accessories and jewellery collection.

The marketplace is buzzing at all times of the day and night. Although most shops close at late evening yet the pubs and restaurants are open till 12 am. Besides the brands, Brigade road also is famous for street-style shopping with surplus eating options from KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks, CCD, etc.

Location: Brigade road, MG Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka

2. Commercial Street

Commercial Street

Commercial Street is known for its wide variety in clothing, accessories and imitating jewellery. The market is especially great for people who are into sports because it has great shops for sportswear and accessories at cheap price.

The astonishing fact about this market is that one lane is completely dedicated to shoes and another completely to silver jewellery. The shopkeepers set the price high in the beginning so you will need to haggle good to get those cheap prices. There is no fixed time but all the shops are open by 10 am and close at around 9:30 pm.

Location: Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

3. Majestic Market

The Majestic

As the name suggests this market is a beautiful place with a blend of Chinese and Indian style markets. Both exported and local products are sold in this market and broaden the variety of product. Also, you can get gadgets and many digital accessories for cheap prices but make sure to check the defects and the authenticity of the brand.

Two very famous markets, Burma Bazar and the Hong Kong market, are located in the Majestic Market. These two markets have brought revolution to the shopping experience, having a strong Chinese influence. To get the best deals bargain with the shopkeeper before paying the amount asked by the shopkeeper. The market is home to a railway station, a bus station and a metro station which makes it easily accessible to the public.

Location: Majestic bus stand, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

4. Dubai Plaza

Dubai Plaza is a shopping complex where you can buy trendy clothes for both men and women, designer shoes, fancy perfumes, designer bags that match the latest trend, branded cosmetics, the latest gadgets etc. Most of the time the perfumes and gadgets are imported and have a great quality.

The basement of the complex houses the Tibetan Plaza where you can get unique styled fashion in clothes and jewellery. To get great deals, try to bargain as much as possible and check the defects in the clothes and other products or return the product. The plaza is open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Location: Rest House Road, Brigade Road, Bengaluru.

5. Malleswaram

If you want to experience the old-world-charm then visit Malleswaram. It has numerous flower shops which creates a beautiful aroma around the place. There are many herbs and spices shops which also adds to the attractive fragrance of the market.

This market got its name from the Kaadu Malleswara Temple which is located nearby. Apart from this, Malleswaram is famous for its street styled food shops. In the evening, the marketplace is buzzing with the crowd that come here for its food. You can also get fresh organic vegetables and all types of grocery for your home here at cheap prices. During the weekends some shops are closed.

Location: 3rd Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

6. Avenue Road

Avenue road is best for second-hand books at cheap prices. Whether it’s textbook, cookbook or novels, everything is available here. Most of the books are in good condition so take your time to look through. The vendors sell the books at very cheap prices since there are loads of books available but like said before, bargaining has to be done.

You can also sell your books (any book which is not in use) that are in good condition as a way of getting rid of them. Avenue road is famous for books but it also has shops for fabrics, jewellery, DIY projects, trinkets and other craft supplies. The market is open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Location: Avenue road, Chickpet, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

7. MG Road

MG road

Bangalore is famous for its silk sarees and handmade crafts. Here you will find multiple shops that sell silk at a very reasonable price that will attract especially the ladies. There are other shops too which deal with handmade sandalwood and rosewood face and body products. These are products that make the most sale since they are of very good quality.

MG Road is also a great place to buy handicrafts which consist of hand painted and hand carved pots and cloth materials, wall hangings and other decors. MG Road is a collection of multiple shops, bars and restaurants that stay open till midnight. Higginbothams, India’s oldest bookstore found in 1844 is located in MG Road.

Location: MG Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

8. Chickpet

Chickpet is a market for wholesale buying. The sellers swear by the quality and authenticity of their silk sarees and other products. One of the oldest commercial districts in Bangalore, Chickpet offers bangles in various designs, sarees with a wide price range, ornate gold and silver jewellery, footwear etc. If you wish to not hurt your pockets with the soaring price of gold and silver, visit Chickpet for a pocket-friendly deal on these products.

This market is in business for 400 years now and there is no doubt about the quality and availability of goods sold here. But every place has its pros and cons and Chickpet has too. Through the market is great yet it is very crowded for the same reason. So if you have the patience to move with the crowd, go ahead and visit Chickpet.

Location: Under South Lok Sabha constituency, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

9. Ajji Mane

Ajji Mane is neighbourhood flea market in Kammanahalli that has many food stalls, cloth stalls and Turkish crockery. Mainly this takes place in a neighbourhood and is well suitable for people living in the same neighbourhood but anyone who wishes can walk in.

The market is a heaven for art lovers as it includes paintings, wooden arts, coasters and plates. This market event is organised regularly and an entrance fee is charged. The food is worth anything at this market especially after hours of shopping.

Location:  Cake Away, No. 329, 4th Cross, HRBR Layout, Kammanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

10. Electronic Market at SP Road

electronics market

As the name suggests, this is the best place to buy electronics items at cheap rate in Bangalore. The SP Road is actually divided into a narrow lane and one section is filled with electronic shops of all kinds. It is the best place to get spare parts for electronic items as well. The shops not only sell gadgets but also repair them. In fact, there is entire section of the market dedicated to household items like wall clocks, mixers, grinders, radios, toasters and the like. Some mobile shops are also to be seen here, along with mobile repairing shops. The shops sell the items at very reasonable rates and yet you must be sure to bargain because some shopkeepers do like to hike their prices.

Location: SP Road, Bangalore

11. Gandhi Bazar

If you are someone who appreciates the freshness of flowers and spices, then this is the place to be in. Gandhi Bazar has fresh lots of flowers brought in everyday of all kinds, and they are bought by individuals and temple authorities alike for daily worship or to decorate homes at special occasions. The spice market here is very famous, and people not only come here from various parts of the city, but also from various parts of the state to fill their stocks. The air is filled with the aroma of the fresh spices and flowers which makes it a real treat for the senses. Do carry your own containers for the spices if you do not wish to use plastic.

Location: Basanavanagudi, Bangalore

12. National Market

national market


If you love to bargain and like to get good products at cheap prices, then you should head for this market. National Market is often dubbed as Duplicate Market because it is famous for selling items that are copies of the original. In fact, some of the copies are so good that they are hard to detect and the prices are less than half, which is a real deal. The shops here also sell electronic gadgets that are inspired by Apple products. However, you need to be careful of the quality of some of the products and should have a keen eye to pick the right copy.

Location: 5th Main Road, Bangalore

13. Jayanagar 4th Block

It is not uncommon to see that those who visit Bangalore for the first time head straight to Jayanagar 4th Block for their shopping. It is mainly due to the fact that it is located right opposite the main bus stand in Bangalore. The shops practically sell everything under the sky- from shoes, clothes, household items, bag, junk jewelry, confectionery and sweets, linen and bedsheets and whatnot. The entire market complex is crowded right from the time it opens and people also come here from the suburbs to do their shopping. It is a good idea to carry some cash with you as some sellers here still do cash transactions only.

Location: Jayanagar, opposite Bangalore Bus Stop.

14. Garuda Mall


One of the high end malls in Bangalore, Garuda Mall is the place to be in if you are looking for a stylish makeovers. Almost all the major brands have their outlets here and there are sales and discounts also offered from time to time. Apart from shops, the mall also has eateries and restaurants and you can simply spend some time window shopping here. The mall is frequently visited by college students as well and is also a popular location for hanging out.

Location: Magrath Road, Ashoke Nagar, Bangalore

15. Phoenix Market City

Another popular mall in Bangalore, Phoenix Mall is also a top mall in the city and the preferred destination for many when it comes to shopping. The shop has outlets from all leading brands as well as restaurants. One can also enjoy a movie at the multiplex here. The mall is visited by the trendiest of people and is a wonderful place if you like to browse and shop. There are also book stores available here and you can bring your children to indulge in the ice cream and confectionary outlets here.

Location: Whitefield, Mahadevpura

How to Reach

The best way to reach the markets and shops Bangalore is to hire a cab who will take you to the exact market you want to visit. Additionally, you can take a bus to the part of the city you are traveling to and then take an auto to reach the market. However, the markets themselves have to be traversed on foot because they are often comprised of narrow lanes inside which cars are not allowed. The malls, of course, have their parking lots.

Where to Stay

It is a good idea to book your rooms in Bangalore early if you are planning a visit to the city, and planning to do some shopping. Having a room near to the part of the city where you want to shop would be a good idea as it will allow you to drop off your things easily from time to time before you start the next leg of your shopping. You can easily book hotels according to your preferred choice of location from the Oyo app. The times around Dusshera and Diwali see huge crowds descending on the markets so the closer your hotels are, the easier it will be for you.

What to Eat

Shopping in Bangalore can be exhaustive and no shopping is complete unless you have had a fair share of good food at your shop- hopping trip. The street food of Bangalore is enticing and you will find all sorts of chaats, samosas, vada- pavs, and sandwiches lining the streets of the markets of Bangalore. You will also come across ice- cream vendors and thandai sellers so shopping would not be bad even on a summer day. Be sure to carry your shades with you and wear light cotton clothes if you are planning to stay out long and hop from one market to another for the shopping.

Of course, the list doesn’t end here! The city has numerous places for shopaholics and here’s a list that includes other places you can go shopping: KR Market, Madiwala Market, Gandhi Market, Jayanagar shopping complex, Sunday Soul Santhe, Thippasandra Market, etc. Give your pockets a relief as you shop at these places and get some quality products that you can’t get in the big malls.

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