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The animated city of tuk-tuks, orange-robed monks, adventurous water sports, floating markets and lush green landscapes dotted with magnetic coastlines is how Thailand has always been pictured. But there’s a lot more to it – unpredictably! The exotic land offers a concoction of the historical richness and enticing cultures which reflects in its Buddhist temples, authentic Thai cuisine, and ancient architectural finesse. With so much geographical diversity, you must be wondering where to hop on first. Right? Let’s make it a bit easier for you with our specially curated guide of Places To Visit In Thailand.


Begin your tour to Thailand Tourist Places, with the centuries-old open-air art museum. Built after the historical city of Ayodhya, the magnificent ruins, architectural finesse, and idols of Buddha unfolds a lot to us about the glorious history and artistic richness. Presently, it is counted among the Best Places to visit in Thailand due to the UNESCO recognition of being one of the renowned heritage sites. If you are a nerd, and history excites you, then there is no better place for you on the Earth than to explore this site during your Thailand Packages.

Famous For: The historical Buddhist temples, ancient architectural monuments, and beautiful monasteries are what Ayutthaya is known for.

Major Attraction: Ayutthaya Historical Park, Wat Phra Si Sanphet Temple, and Chao Sam Phraya National Museum are among the best Places To Visit In Thailand during your visit to Ayutthaya.

Nearby Places: Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, Wat Mahathat, and Wat Chaiwatthanaram are some nearby places to explore.

How to Reach: You can get to Ayutthaya with easily accessible trains, buses, minivans, and taxis.

Best Time to Visit: November to February counts in as the best time to visit Thailand.

Things to Do: Witness the magnificent ruins and statues of Buddha, enjoy the sunset view from the large central chedi of Wat Chaiwatthanaram, and talk to the administrators of Ayutthaya for gathering more knowledge.

Khao Sok National Park

If the green jungle covers, majestic lakes, and rich wildlife reserve entice your soul, then this is one of the most soothing Places To Visit In Thailand for you! Located in the Surat Thani province, the National Park is teeming with barking deer, pig-tailed macaques, Asian elephants, langurs and wild boar which make it count among the best places to see in Thailand during your visit to Thailand.

Famous For: Preserves one of the oldest rainforests, lush mangroves, beautiful limestones, and the mesmerizing waterfall.

Major Attraction: Come across more than forty-eight mammal species, more than two hundred bird species, and thousands of innovative butterflies and unique insects.

Nearby Places: Lam Ru National Park, Tong Chong Fa Waterfall, Turtle Sanctuary.

How to Reach: Go by plane or train, or you can also ride a night bus.

Best Time to Visit: The monsoon months of June to September is the ideal time to visit the national park.

Things to Do: Do some trekking around the rainforest, taste some authentic home-cooked Thai food, Kayaking, Cycling around the national park, and do not forget to do elephant trekking.

Chiang Rai

With a perfect blend of historical preserves and cultural authenticity, Chiang Rai rests as the most captivating and laid-back provinces in Thailand. Once you visit the local province during your Tour In Thailand, you will be left amazed by its bounty religious, culinary, and aesthetic diversity; no doubt why it is a must-visit in the Places To Visit In Thailand.

Famous For: It’s a unique architectural style, spectacular temples, and most happening nightlife.

Major Attraction: The Golden Triangle, Chiang Saen, Doi Tung, the gardens of Suan Mae Fa Luang are some you cannot exclude from the list of Thailand Attractions.

Nearby Places: Wat Rong Khun, Elephant Valley Thailand, and Doi Mae Salong, night bazaars, Baan Dam Museum.

How to Reach: You can get some accessible trains and buses nearby to reach Chiang Rai.

Best Time to Visit: The months of October to February is ideal as it allows a number of outdoor activities.

Things to Do: Get to explore the Black House, spot some monkeys at the Monkey Temple, taste some local Thai foods in the night markets.

Railay or Rai Leh

Being one of Thailand’s sought-after beaches, Rai Leh features a small peninsula that is home to four pristine beaches in Thailand. What makes it count among the Places To Visit In Thailand, is its white-sand beaches, captivating limestone cliffs, lagoons, and caves. The most unique attraction about the Thailand Tourist Spot is that roads are absolutely absent and the only mode to commute is, by boat.

Famous For: Towering limestones, white-sand beaches, and scopes of rock-climbing has made it a tourist hotspot.

Major Attraction: The restaurants by scenic beaches and boating and rowing, count as some of the major attractions.

Nearby Places: Nearby Places To Visit In Thailand when in Rai Leh are Ao Phra Nang Beach, Princess Cave, and Princess Lagoon.

How to Reach: Rai Leh can only be reached through waterways, as till now, there are no road developments for buses or cars.

Best Time to Visit: It is one of the Thailand Famous Places to visit from the month of November to March when the sun remains pleasant.

Things to Do: Being one of the adventurous places to go in Thailand, Rai Leh permits several activities which include, long-tail boats rowing, rock climbing, venturing caves, hiking, enjoying peninsula views, kayaking, and relaxing or lazing around.

Did you like our guide about the Places To Visit In Thailand? If, then stop thinking and start packing your backpacks and get-set-go!

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