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Malaysia, often crowned as the jewel of Southeast Asia, features the melting pot of historical and cultural magnificence, with a dash of modern cosmos. The country is replete with the unadulterated beauty of the majestic highlands, bustling markets, towering skyscrapers, virgin islands, wildlife-rich national parks, surreal beaches with rustic backdrops; and not to forget – it’s lit nightlife. However, being an expansive country, the list of Places To Visit In Malaysia seems to be a never-ending one!

Let us acquaint you with some of the Best Places to visit in Malaysia which can make your trip, quite a thing!

Perhentian Island

Teeming with aplenty water sports activities and vibrant nightlife, Perhentian Island is counted among the Best Places To Visit In Malaysia for the party hoppers. The picturesque island is circumferenced with a number of bars and pubs and open-air shacks by the island, where you can often spot a beach party in the evening. It is also among Malaysia’s Famous Places if you want to get indulged in some adrenaline-rush water sports.

Famous For: Be a part of the magnetic beach parties after spending your day doing sea-kayaking, hiking, trekking, scuba diving, snorkeling and more.

Major Attraction: Capture a view of the sea turtles, big wild lizards, and forest spiders while exploring the lands of the scenic island.

Nearby Places: Jurukur Dive Resort, Pulau Perhentian Kecil, and Fatima Chalet are some of the best places to go in

Malaysia during your trip to Perhentian Island in Malaysia.

How to Reach: Upon reaching Malaysia Airport, or the Kota Bharu or Kuala Terengganu Airport, ride a bus or a taxi to Kuala Besut or get on a boat from Kota Bharu, to reach the Perhentian Islands.

Best Time to Visit: The ideal time for Places To Visit In Malaysia, including Perhentian Islands, is during the dry season, from the month of March to the month of November.

Things to Do: The sandy lands of the Perhentian Islands ignite your spirit to do camping at Teluk KK, jungle trekking through the lush rainforests and rich flora and fauna vegetation and watching the sunset from secluded beaches.

Tioman Islands

The leisure island, which is among the most iconic Places To Visit In Malaysia, boasts its captivating views and abundant nature. The slice of heaven is a major Malaysia Tourist Spot and remains replete with adventurous activities. Though it seems to be an adventurer’s hotspot, tourists from worldwide also visit, just to relax and chill by the beach view. Taking a sneak peek of the local lifestyle by visiting the local villages during your Malaysia Package, is also not a bad idea.

Famous For: The little hamlet gives you a chance to experience a surge of water activities and relax at the luxurious beach resorts.

Major Attraction: The orange blossoms and the clear teal waters enhance the scenic view of the island. You can also enjoy sightseeing amidst the enchanting waterfalls and spend your time exploring the virgin islands. The lip-smacking authentic Chinese food makes it more popular among the tourists.

Nearby Places: Pay a visit to the Tioman Dive Centre, or relax at the Tioman Santai Bistro Resort, or you can reach the Gunung Kajang mountain by hiking.

How to Reach: There are easily accessible road and water routes from Mersing and Kuala Lumpur through buses and ferries which will help you to reach the Tioman Islands.

Best Time to Visit: For an enthralling beach holiday, visit the Tioman Islands anytime between the month of March to October.

Things to Do: Being a beach city the destination brims with activities like diving, swimming, snorkeling, paddling, and boat sailing.

Gunung Mulu National Park

Of all the historical possessions Malaysia has, the Gunung Mulu National Park is a spectacular one. Home to 3500 vascular plants and 109 exceptional palm species for more than two million years, the national park has received the recognition of UNESCO. It’s beautiful rainforests, paired up with limestone pinnacles, wild flowing rivers, and mountains aside, makes it count as one of the major Malaysia Tourist Attraction.

Famous For: It’s rich plant species, fascinating covers of rainforests and the formation of natural chambers and caves.

Major Attraction: The occurrence of Sarawak Chamber which is known to be one of the largest cave chambers in the world, highlights it in the list of Places To Visit In Malaysia.

Nearby Places: Mulu Skywalk and Garden Of Eden Valley Walk are the two major Places To Visit In Malaysia during your trip to the national park while you Travel To Malaysia.

How to Reach: By air from the Mulu Airport, or avail ferry services from Marudi via Baram River or, Tutoh.

Best Time to Visit: The months of October to January and May to June have been marked as the ideal time to visit.

Things to Do: Enjoy the heart-thumping summit trails, or the Pinnacles Trek or, take a canopy walk or night walk through the rainforests.

Cameron Highlands

Visit the whole world and then tell us whether you could ever find a place, so surreal and so captivating like Cameron Highland. There isn’t any! The picturesque green trails of highlands, sprawling green stretch of land, and green-washed hills, tend to soothe your senses and refresh your mind. For someone who is stuck in the urban lifestyle, Cameron Highlands must top their list of Places To Visit In Malaysia on their Malaysian tour.

Famous For: Sprawling green farms, rich tea plantations, spectacular view of nature, majestic lakes and rich wildlife.

Major Attraction: Enjoying a trek through the jungle trails and strolling amidst the strawberry cultivations.

Nearby Places: The nearby areas of Tringkap, Brinchang, Tanah Rata and Ringlet comprises of the parts of Cameron Highlands.

How to Reach: Being one popular site among the Places To Visit In Malaysia, the Cameron Highlands are easily accessible by buses and taxis from any part of Malaysia. You can even walk down the lane if the distance is short.

Best Time to Visit: Though it is a year-round destination, the best time to visit Cameron Highlands is during the monsoon months of November to February.

Things to Do: Take a tour through the tea plantations, do some mountain climbing at Brinchang, go for village tours, taste ripe strawberries, trek through the jungles, and much more at the Cameron Highlands.
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