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Homestays is a newly picked up phenomenon that has swept Indians off their feet. The user experience, the newness of the concept and the unique proposition not just entices users but also proves its worth. For travellers who have always despised the notion of staying in a hotel, homestays in India came into their lives like a whiff of fresh air. The entire idea of staying in a home away from home as opposed to the mainstream experience of staying in a hotel is as appealing as it sounds interesting.

If you too have been bored up of shifting from one hotel to another in search of a comfortable stay, then it’s time we introduce you to OYO Home. OYO has a number of homestays in India, in both metro and leisure cities that offer a fine mix of modern amenities and comfortable stay. A stay here promises the moment to explore a city from up, close and personal. Technological advances coupled with time-saving amenities (think free Netflix + seamless Wifi) offer travellers with rejuvenation and relaxation equating to more recreation time.

7 Reasons Why Homestays In India From OYO Home Are Perfect For Your Next Vacation:

  • Corporate Rates With Recreational Facilities
  • Speedy Check-In And Check- Out
  • Cook Your Own Meal
  • Comfortable Space That Matches Modern Demands
  • Strategically Located
  • Special Provision For Entertainment
  • More Space And Unmatched Privacy

1. Corporate Rates With Recreational Facilities

Travelling frequently to different destinations brings along lots of weariness. For that reason, only the best of services are desired by new-age travellers. OYO understands that everyone deserves a break from their hectic lives and any trip is only an alternative at restoring the body’s balance.

Our homestays provide access to a host of amenities that will ensure that you are not deprived of any comfort to make your stay worthwhile. Choose stays with facilities like a fitness centre, swimming pool as well as jacuzzi and dining areas.

2. Speedy Check-In And Check- Out

We understand that there are various personalities and preferences when it comes to travelling as well. Some people like to travel during the day, while some prefer travelling during the night. Therefore, facilities like paperless check-in and check-out via the OYO app are aimed at providing nothing but utmost ease and convenience. Guests can also choose between paying in advance or paying after check-in according to their preference. Homestays in India are the best places to stay to make your trip a memorable one while travelling to India.

3. Cook Your Own Meal

Staying healthy and fit is a must in today’s world. So what could sound healthier than preparing your own meals with conveniences like refrigerators and microwaves whilst taking care of your food allergies as well? Step-into the kitchen and cook gluten-free and vegan meals with your choice of flavours and savour them as opposed to the questionable quality and taste of food served elsewhere.

4. Comfortable Space That Matches Modern Demands

Spacious rooms with comfortable bedding and seamless internet connectivity are not all that counts amongst selective amenities offered by OYO Home. In order to cater to business travellers, a well-lit conference room (that works well as both, workspace and a meeting room) ensures a productive stay.  Apart from that the availability of an in-house restaurant makes for a great idea to enjoy a hot and fresh meal after an exhaustive meeting.

5. Strategically Located

Thoughtful locations of OYO Home make it all the more convenient for travellers to fulfil the purpose of their stay. Whether you’re heading for a cultural tour or a nature trail, skip the hassle of transport and directions by choosing a homestay that is close to your place of interest. Homestays in India offered by OYO Home has strategically placed stays in all popular locations in the city to assist travellers. Ensure that popular hubs like airport, station, city centre and other hangout joints are located close to the homestay that you are planning to book.

6. Special Provision For Entertainment

Some travellers believe that trips don’t equal to spending the entire day outside and only returning to your stay for resting. While some prefer that exploring and resting should be given equal weight-age. In order to ensure that the latter also matches up to your expectations, these homestays in India from OYO Homes offer a plethora of entertainment activities to help you reset in while you are indoors. From TV to spacious lawns and gardens and banquet halls, host a family get-togethers and celebrate joyous occasions with your friends and family with ease.

7. More Space And Unmatched Privacy

Utmost privacy is one of the foremost advantages of staying in homestays in India offered by OYO Home. Think freedom from noisy and nosy neighbours yet the warmth of a home matched in facilities to your own. 

Top 8 homestays in India To Consider While Travelling

1. Homestay in Munnar – OYO Home 27827 Eastate Residency

A perfect break to refresh your lungs
A perfect break to refresh your lungs

Choose this homestay in Munnar if you’re looking for a much-needed break from the city pollution and stress. Walk into this holiday home and watch your worries disappear as your mind gets diverted with the view of the dense plantations. There is nothing that this property won’t offer in terms of the facilities. 

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2. Homestay in Dehradun – OYO Home 38007 Cozy Stay Dehradun

Looking for a break from city life? Head here

Staying at this homestay in Dehradun, on Old Mussoorie Road has its own perks. The designed property is furnished to suit the needs of the millennial traveller who requires not just basic facilities but a tasteful decor to match as well. Experience a stay in the valley yet being surrounded by the dense hills of Mussoorie.

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3. Homestay in Kasauli – OYO Home 22687 Peaceful 2BHK

Step into the balcony with your cuppa

This ideally located homestay in Kasauli is painted in soothing colours to provide guests with a homey feeling. Wake up to the sight of the enchanting hills and step out with your cuppa to breathe in the fresh air and give your mind the chance to take a break. Parking your vehicle is also not a problem here.

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4. Homestay in Mount Abu – OYO Home 23446 Heritage Stay

An open dining space for a lively meal

Experience the best of Rajasthan by staying at this heritage styled homestay in Mount Abu. A spacious lawn as well as an old-world dining area are part of providing an authentic stay. If you’re done with the modern way of travelling and are looking for a change, this is where you need to be.

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5. Homestay in Shillong – OYO Home 22088 Hill View Stay

Enjoy the view of the Khasi Hills

This property offers a comfortable stay replete with modern amenities. Step out of your rooms and into the corridor to take in mesmerising views of the surrounding lush green Khasi hills found in this ‘abode of clouds’.

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6. Homestay in Goa – OYO Home 26233 Designed 1BHK

Nothing says a relaxing stay better than a pool

A trip to Goa is incomplete unless you stay in a property that offers more than just bed and breakfast. This homestay in Goa is perfect to raise your Goa vacation a notch higher with a swimming pool to relax when you’re not sunbathing at the beach or enjoying Goan delicacies at the numerous Goan shacks.

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7. Homestay in Pondicherry – OYO Home 18524 Elegant 2BHK

A rooftop pool with striking sea view

Pondicherry is one of those offbeat destinations that offers a blissful experience like no other. While at this homestay in Pondicherry, expect a contemporary property with a breathtaking mix of a rooftop pool with a view of the sea. Can a homestay be any better? Guests here certainly won’t think so!

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8. Homestay in Ooty – OYO Home 30402 Valley View Studio Adasholai

Get spellbound by the magnificence of Nilgiri Hills

While in Ooty, it’s hard not to be spellbound by the magnificence of the Nilgiri Hills. This homestay in Ooty offers a bird’s eye view of the entire valley and all you need to do is step out and let your senses wander around the beautiful landscape.

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So travel smart and choose your next stay with OYO Home for a productive, hassle-free and comfortable trip.

Happy Holidaying!

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