Some of The Gorgeous Bridal Wears in Sabyasachi Collection

sabyasachi bridal wear collection

We truly believe that he’s blessed beyond the normal parameters of creativity and intelligence. When it comes to design, he’s God and has proved his mettle over and over again.  It doesn’t come as a surprise, why every girl wants to have a dream wedding in a Sabyasachi lehenga in a luxurious wedding banquet. He’s woven some beautiful dreams in every girl’s mind such that we are all besotted by him and how!

Yes, sometimes we even know that we can’t afford a Sabyasachi lehenga but we just can’t stop being obsessed with his collections. Such is the magic of this man who is the most sought after name in the design industry today. If you are someone who fell in love with the newly married Anushka Sharma’s lehenga, intricately designed by the master craftsman himself, then we have some more inspiration for you which will make you run wild with his imagination and intricate details.

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To put into some words which are rather arduous here, from monochrome magic to lush florals and decadent old-world charm, brides go weak in their knees when there is a Sabyasachi lehenga to talk about. His formidable thoughts have given rise to some magnificent and dazzling forms. Brides seem to glow from within whether it’s his voluminous skirts, long line jackets or the dreamy dupattas which speak volumes about his work.


Have a look at this stunning and angelic Sabyasachi bridal collection. Be ready to be lost in some beautiful thoughts.

  1. The Pink Banarasi Saree

What a stunning way to blend a Benarasi saree with some brilliant embroidery work that somehow lends it such a unique appeal.

The Banarasi Saree

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All this, despite the fact that the base pink saree is very common in a saree collection, almost always, a gorgeous banarasi ensemble is the outcome when a pink saree is paired with a pink blouse and patchwork is used intelligently to create a mindboggling masterpiece. For a banarasi lover, this is more than what you need. Sabya couldn’t have made it better, right?

  1. Red and Gold Galore

There’s practically no one who can beat Sabyasachi here, he’s mastered the art of creating a bridal outfit that stands out for its intricate embellishments and elaborate thread work in red and gold colours.

Red and Gold Galore

Image Source

Giving the outfit a character is the raw silk fabric under all that gold which also enhances the beauty of his red and gold ensemble. He knows that the same look couldn’t have been achieved with a regular silk underneath. That’s where his astute and calculative thoughts and ideas come in!

  1. Rich Red and Orange Gota Lehenga

Ahh! How do we get over this? His bewitching and exquisite work of art seems to get our hearts beat faster than ever. With its opulent golden embroidery and gota work all over its body, Sabyasachi creates a heavy and luxurious wedding lehenga colour combinations rich red and gold colours for his Sabyasachi brides. We have to say, this category of Sabyasachi bridal outfits is only fit for the queen and every girl is a queen, right?

  1. Peach Shimmering Glow

We don’t think peach could have overflowed with so much love! Doesn’t every bride envision to be surrounded by shimmer and shine on her big day whether it is about her bridal makeup or her bridal outfit? This is where all her dreams are bound to come true.

peach bridal outfit with sparkle on it

Image Source

An engaging piece out of his bridal collection, his peach bridal outfit will add a lot of sparkle to your overall look on your wedding day with all that sequin embroidery on the choli and the lehenga! The peach net dupatta beautifully offsets all the gold and we can’t stop raving over it! Only if all things pleasant were a match of this!

  1. Soft Mint Green Anarkali

Perfect for an event in the outdoors, a mint green Sabyasachi dress is a good mix of elegance and poise and a wondrous outfit for any bride. What’s not to love about the colour and embellishments that are so phenomenal? All we can say is – any girl would want to get married at the earliest chance just to get into this mint green Anarkali suit that glows with its astonishing beauty from all corners!

  1. Golden Love

Combining various shades of gold in different textures and adorning each layer with a different embellishment, the end result is an eye-catching golden piece that is sure to make Sabyasachi brides glow with pride. We can only say you will set a whole new bridal goal by wearing this dress at your wedding day. By incorporating a jacket style choli into the ensemble, all we can say is – an all gold outfit was never so interesting and terrific, gold just got better!

  1. Red Elephant Motif Special

Elephants have forever been associated with India and are almost equated to India’s culture and heritage, such that we love seeing them in our bridal outfits as well.

Red Elephant Motif

Image Source

Since every bride is making a beeline for the ‘elephant lehenga’, we think it is a masterstroke by the designer to bring in this motif in his bridal outfit. Not only, is his red elephant ensemble awe-inspiring but will also make your wedding look the talk of the town!

  1. Lavish Oxblood and Gold Lehenga

His oxblood and gold ravishing Sabyasachi bridal outfit made headlines when our much love Deepika Padukone appeared wearing it on the cover of a magazine recently. Bringing together rich gold colour with deep oxblood interspersed with beautiful gold details all over, it is a dynamic ensemble which will make you go after this colour tone even if it’s never been your favourite.

  1. Royal Orange and Blue Lehenga

Wear a startling royal orange and blue lehenga from the Sabyasachi bridal collection and twirl yourself to a world full of happiness. We know how beautiful these two colours look together, here too studded with golden sequins and embellishments; the orange and blue velvet lehenga is poetry in itself which we want to sing on our wedding day! A lovely way to put these two gorgeous colours into an ensemble, we must say!

  1. Traditional Fuchsia and Blue

An adorable piece comes out from the Sabyasachi bridal collection when a pink brocade choli is paired with the blue panelled lehenga and adorned all over with silver zardosi butis. Striking and unconventional, only Sabya could pull off this wonderful colour combo this way! It is a bridal ensemble which shines out with its striking contrast and the flattering silhouettes. You want to walk into your reception and dance away wearing this sensational dress; it creates a flattering statement throughout!

  1. Some Chiffon love

Chiffon was made popular with the Yash Chopra movies but it just got more beautiful with the Sabyasachi collection. This legendary work of art has created a flutter on the social media ever since the dusky and earthy Sabyasachi brides and handsome grooms wore this impeccable collection and adorned the galleries and forts of Udaipur. People seem to have loved the one-toned lehengas with hand printed chiffon dupattas from this collection; it is simply out of the world. The mixing and matching of floral prints and colours is way too forward, something which has remained unattainable so far!

  1. Floral Flutter

The master surprises us with his floral piece of art. What a wonderful way of blending the flowers into a bridal dresses with a look so regal and dignified that you want to step right into it. Just how beautifully minimal is his floral lehenga collection that it leaves you mesmerised with its first look itself! We must say, it has the right amount of glamour, topped with a dash of playfulness for that extra zing in your step! Something that would be a commanding beach outfit, isn’t it?

  1. Multicolour Magic

Everything from the contrasting colours to the bright red dupatta is his goals when Sabyasachi creates this for his own Sabyasachi bride. Even if you wear this priceless creation only once in your life, we are sure, you can happily preserve it as an iconic piece of art all your life! This masterpiece would not disappoint if you are looking to be a zara hatke bride and want to wear your love for colour and design on your sleeves; it is so imperial and glistening in its look.

  1. White Magic

Who said you can’t wear white for Indian weddings? An immaculate bridal outfit, an ivory Sabyasachi lehenga with delicate silver embroidery on the hem and the blouse is stuff that dreams are made of, literally!This Sabyasachi creation could be your ideal choice if you are looking for a minimalistic look which is sophisticated yet chic. Go ahead and be that Chandni girl you always wanted to be!

  1. Icy Blue Wonder

Nobody could have imagined that a powder blue colour could make a resplendent and stately bridal outfit for a wedding. It is just so perfect when you want to exude your inner Elsa for a daytime wedding, isn’t it?

icy blue

Image Source

It is the golden sequinned blouse that takes our breath away at the first glance! The golden floral appliqué work on the hem looks so admirable and beauteous.

  1. The Famous Udaipur Collection

The newest collection, “The Udaipur Collection” has a touch of his signature designs blended with fresh patterns and silhouettes such that it created a rage when it was first published.  The collection is so refreshing and breezy, loaded with pastels and florals with a newer look, and metallic tassels, sheer blouses and mosaic borders woven beautifully into them! You want to get into it and never get over it, we must say!

If you have always dreamt of being a Sabyasachi bride, these are all the wonderful details to look out for because these are simply enchanting and divine, something which can’t be ignored. If you take our word, then do these on your wedding day – get a great makeup artist, be super happy and positive, and finally, opt for a stunning Sabyasachi ensemble. Dreams are made of these, now is the time to walk the aisle carrying them with you!

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