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Agreed, traveling is a highly subjective affair. What excites me may not exactly get your pulses racing and vice versa. However, there are certain experiences which universally touch the soul. I felt this very strongly about Hyderabad which I chose to visit thanks to a persistent friend living there. Till then, Hyderabad to me, was strictly techie land where innumerable friends and acquaintances of mine worked in some of the country’s biggest IT companies.

I finally agreed to make a trip I had been putting off for a while and did a quick search of the best hotels before getting my schedule in order. My Hyderabad trip was an eye opener in more ways than one. I realized that the city has an indelible charm of its own and of course, I fully savoured tons of wonderful experiences during my stay. If you’re the kind who likes to make bucket lists for your trips, these are some of the things that could be in it.

Walking all the way to the Golconda Fort

Whenever tourists book hotel online, they make sure they know the distance till the Golconda Fort which is arguably one of the biggest hyderabad attractions. I did the same. It was an exhilarating experience walking up to the Shepherds Hill as the Fort is commonly known and relished the view from the top. It is truly something to behold! This UNESCO World Heritage site managed to enrapture me and of course, all that walking meant a hefty appetite later on which I did full justice to!

Viewing the Charminar at night was Awesome

Well, not night; strictly speaking, when I viewed the magnificent Charminar it could be called late evening. Yet, the beauty of the sheer thing took me by surprise. The imposing four towers and minarets and the architectural splendor amidst the gorgeous illumination contributed to an experience that I will cherish for a lifetime and more! The Charminar is quite well connected to most parts of Hyderabad which means no hassles getting there. For those who’re travelling with friends, you may find a lot of couple friendly hotels in Hyderabad.

Feasting on Biryani…    

Being a huge foodie myself (with a reputation for wolfing down huge amounts when in the mood), this was something I had to try! While doing my online hotel booking and looking for hotels in Hyderabad, I came across Oyo which helped me find a comfortable room at a great price. I also asked about restaurants nearby given my penchant for indulging throughout the day! I eventually made my way to Shah Ghouse Café and boy what a treat did they line up for me! The mutton Biryani was an absolute delight, something I would definitely recommend to those who want a slice of Heaven on earth (no I’m not going overboard!).

Visiting the Hussain Sagar Lake

On an off day, my friend took me out on a trip to the Hussain Sagar Lake, one of the most popular hangouts in Hyderabad. The lovely breeze and cool waters make it a treat to just sit back and relax. I loved the ferry boat ride till the imposing Buddha Statue in the middle. While on our way back, I made it a point to check out the restaurants on the bank of the lake. Trust me, it’s worth it and I was hungry again by then!

Shopping at Laad Bazaar…

This is one place in Hyderabad where you are sure to find hundreds of blissfully engaged women running about from one shop to another (at the risk of being called chauvinistic!). Laad Bazaar was a chaotic but fascinating experience with all those shops selling everything from cloth and perfumes to pearl and imitation jewellery and even lac bangles. Of course, my wallet was lighter by the end of it with all that shopping for the special women in my life!

Rappelling at Bhongir Fort

This was for the daredevil in me. I convinced my hitherto fearful friend to accompany me on the experience of a lifetime- rappelling from 300 feet above! Yes, there are instructors and safety precautions are adequately taken. This little adventure did wake up muscles I didn’t know existed but managed to delight me immensely.


Although the city is broadly considered for large IT corporate, but you can anytime visit Hyderabad temples for your inner peace of mind. Some of the famous temples are venkateswara swamy temple, birla temple, jagannath temple etc.

These are some of the most special experiences I had in Hyderabad and I did leave the city with a heavy heart. I used OYO to find budget hotels to my liking with the caveat that one can book OYO online and pay at the hotel itself. I found a comfortable hotel with all necessary facilities in OYO Townhouse 009 Hitech City which was also pretty reasonable. To my surprise, OYO also offered thousands of movies and TV shows as well. If I had to put it in words (and I’m not that poetic by nature), I would say that Hyderabad feels like a strong emotion now, an indescribable allure wafting from the Biryani pots and little alleys filled with delectable merchandise to the towering landmarks, quaint traditions and most importantly, the warmth of its people. This is one trip I strongly recommend.

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