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10 Must Visit Budget Shopping Places In Hyderabad

Cheap Shopping Places In Hyderabad

The city of nizams and Urdu sophistication, Hyderabad has been the commercial centre of the Indian land for centuries now. The city is as famous its indigenous goods and pearls as it is for the lip-smacking and aromatic biryani.

While there is of dearth of modern shopping centers in Hyderabad, the joy of shopping in old markets and streets has a nostalgic charm to it. Here are some of the cheap shopping places in Hyderabad where you can shop to your heart’s content.

10 Must Visit Cheap Shopping Places In Hyderabad

  1. Shilparamam
  2. Laad Bazaar (Chudi Bazaar)
  3. Antique Market
  4. Char Minar Bazaar
  5. Mozzamjahi Market
  6. Jummerat Bazaar
  7. Koti Sultan Bazaar
  8. Basheerbagh/Abids/Nampally
  9. Begum Bazaar
  10. Sunday Book Bazaar
  • Shilparamam

Shilparamam: one of the cheapest shopping places in hyderabad

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If authentic and rich indigenous fabric, goods and products are your thing, Shilparamam is the perfect place for you. Located in Hitec City, this sprawling art and crafts village showcases and retails the fabrics and clothes from all the regions of the country making it a one of its kind destination to shop.

Aside from shopping, the village also has museums and a recreational area where you can spend a good time after your shopping adventure.

Famous for: indigenous Pochampally fabric, local crafts, wooden sculptures and jewelry.

  • Laad Bazaar (Chudi Bazaar)

Laad Bazaar: one of the cheapest shopping places in hyderabad

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A little off the Char Minar is the centuries old street named Laad Bazaar. Built for the wedding nuptials of Quli Qutb Shah in the earlier centuries, the street still retains its old world charm and festive spirit in the products sold here, most notably the bangles. Their vivid sheen and vibrant colors add a pleasant vibe to the market’s ambiance. The bangles here cost as low as Rs. 10 a set for some of the finest Lacquer makes.

Apart from the bangles, it is also notable for selling some of the finest khada dupattas and pearls.

Famous for: Bangles, dupattas and pearls

  • Antique Market

Antique Market: one of the cheapest shopping places in hyderabad

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From the Nizam era crockery and utensils to replicas of opulent chandeliers, the Antique Market in Hyderabad is ideal for catching a glimpse of Hyderabad’s ancient culture and products. Every piece in this market has a history and story behind it which is retold by the retailers and sellers with much pride and enthusiasm.

Famous for: Vintage and antique pieces and products

  • Char Minar Bazaar

Char Minar Bazaar: one of the cheapest shopping places in hyderabad

Standing tall and proud in the city that has been swallowed by modernism, the Char Minar area of Hyderabad stands out with its rustic charm. The market is renowned worldwide for its pearls, especially the Basra Pearl that is embellished with gold and silver.

The market is also famous for clothing especially saris, sherwanis, and Hyderabadi Khada dupattas among other indigenous products. The market is high on bling which makes it a favorite among designers who scan the market for the perfect beads, laces etc., as well as shoppers.

Famous for: Ethnic clothing, indigenous products and pearls

  • Mozzam Jahi Market

Mozzam Jahi Market: one of the cheapest shopping places in hyderabad

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A stroll through this market is like going back in time. Built in the early 1900s by the last ruling Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan the Mozzamjahi market is a quaint and impressive centre of shopping. The market was a major fruit market for the royals in the past. Now, the market sells everything but is most known for the brass ware and earthen ware.

Ikat weaving designs are the major highlight of the products sold in this market making it a favorite among shoppers with a knack for history.

Famous for: brass ware and Ikat weaves

  • Jummerat Bazaar

Jummerat Bazaar: one of the cheapest shopping places in hyderabad

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Set up every Thursday evening near Begum Bazaar, this flea market is popular among locals and shopaholics. From clothing to shoes, silverware to wooden goods, this market has everything one can imagine.

Since most of the products sold here are stolen, the prices they come at are as cheap as it gets. So you can carry a whole set of utensils at a price as low as Rs. 100.

Famous for: everything you thought you wanted and everything you thought you didn’t at cheapest prices

  • Koti Sultan Bazaar

Koti Sultan Bazaar: one of the cheapest shopping places in hyderabad

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If you are looking for the latest fashion clothes or precious silver jewelry, look no further than the Sultan Bazaar. Dating back to almost 200 years, this market was famous during the colonial era when it was known as ‘Residency Market’.

Today, the market sells a wide array of products housed in spacious showrooms as well as street vendors and flea markets. You can shop to your heart’s content here without burning a hole in your pocket.

Famous for: Commercial goods, silver jewelry

  • Basheerbagh/Abids/Nampally

Basheerbagh: one of the cheapest shopping places in hyderabad

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While Abids is a sprawling commercial hub dating back to 20th century, Nampally holds the annual Industrial Exhibition showcasing a wide array of products suitable to shoppers’ every need and desire.

From ethnic clothing to jewelry, gadgets to electronics, this triad of market is a popular and cheap shopping destination in Hyderabad.

Famous for: Kalamkari fabric, Traditional wear, gadgets and electronics

  • Begum Bazaar

Begum Bazaar: one of the cheapest shopping places in hyderabad

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Perhaps the biggest commercial market of Hyderabad, Begum Bazaar’s magnanimous size should not be confused as an expensive place. Despite its size, the market sells a wide array of extremely affordable products.

Birdiware, which is the art of inlaying silver with a jet alloy to add more sheen and birdi studded jewelry are the chief highlights of this market.

Famous for: Birdiware, Metal Works

  • Sunday Book Bazaar

Sunday Book Bazaar: one of the cheapest shopping places in hyderabad

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If books are your drug, Sunday Book Bazaar is your spot. You can find old printed editions of your favorite books and authors in this flea market at really affordable. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to get your hands on a rare out of print book in this market.

Apart from buying books, you can also sell or donate some of your books here and share a part of your knowledge with others.

Famous for: affordable books and magazines

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