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One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Far East, Singapore has a lot to offer for anybody looking to have a fun-filled vacation with friends or family. There’s so much to see and enjoy, with theme parks, studio rides, beach spots, amazing architecture and a lot more.

This iconic city, is also an island, and a country, all at once! Bordering with Malaysia, it is one of the financial hubs of the world and a great place to witness different cultures working together as one. You can travel to Singapore and visit some of the most extraordinary buildings, statues and public systems and return with memories which will last you a long time.

Major Attractions at Singapore:

Singapore is a place with plenty of activities that attract people of all ages. You can enjoy a vacation with so many different things to do within a short space of time so ensure you have your travel plan sorted. This ultra-modern city has some amazing street food as well, where you can enjoy some delicious, freshly-cooked Chinese and Malay-inspired fare, straight off the wok.

So, prepare yourself for a trip to Singapore that you won’t forget in a hurry with this list of the top five places to visit in Singapore that can make your Singapore Trip memorable for life!

Sentosa Island:

Probably the island that personifies Singapore the best, Sentosa Island is a wonderful little island with so many things to do. Known for its amazing water-theme parks, clean beaches with blue waters of the ocean and some great places to click photographs as well. This island is also home to a lot of food stalls as well, making it a great place to visit overall.

Marina Bay Sands:

One of the most iconic promenade locations in the world, Marina Bay Sands offers you a magnificent glimpse of the city’s skyline and lights. The bay area allows you to also overlook the ocean and enjoy spending time with your loved ones with a dinner that gives you a view to die for. To help you manage the heat, the area also has tiny water sprays installed where you’ll be able to cool off when it gets really warm.

Gardens By the Bay:

A wonderful, modern architectural marvel, the Gardens By the Bay features massive domes that act like greenhouses. Surrounded by close to 101 hectares of greenery bang in the middle of the city, this ingenious location combines technology and nature in a way that’s never been seen before.


This area is dominated by the Chinese who settled in Singapore many decades ago. There are many buildings dedicated to Chinese culture and history. As they form a major part of the Singapore population, you’ll be able to understand all about their presence and work in the region. There is also a museum dedicated to Buddha in the area, so don’t forget to visit. Further, you can also enjoy a lot of the street food that is available in the area, prepared by some masterful chefs.

Cost Of Singapore Trip Plan:

The cost of a trip is usually what you have in mind when you’re traveling to Singapore. As it is one of the more frequently visited locations from India, there are plenty of great offers you’ll be able to find online. There is a preconceived notion that traveling here is expensive, but that’s not true. You will be able to have a great time visiting this wonderful city without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you’re planning on a budget Singapore Tour to here are a few great ways to make your trip worthwhile:

Budget Transport:

Public transport is ideal while planning a Budget Trip To Singapore. There are buses which travel within the city and the metro system is so well managed over here that you won’t really have to depend on other modes of transport. There are rentals which can be taken as well over here if you want to explore the inner parts of the city as well. You can plan your itinerary on the day of your visit as well and won’t have to worry about any hassles. The daily travel budget can be managed within Rs. 500-600

Budget Accommodation:

Singapore has many budget hotels and accommodation spots where you won’t have to spend too much. There are many backpacking hotels that offer accommodation at extremely affordable rates as well. Within 1-1.5k, you’ll be able to have a good night’s sleep and rest here as well.

Budget Food:

There’s plenty of places where you’ll be able to enjoy the food at affordable rates. Chinatown and the Singapore street markets allow you to enjoy some amazing food right off the wok.

Budget-Friendly Activities:

Singapore itself is such a fun place to explore with your friends and family, so be prepared for a lot of walking. The mesmerizing architecture of the region is enough to keep you interested. If you’re looking for more budget-friendly activities, you could visit Chinatown and the many museums dedicated to the early founding of Singapore. There are also many street food stalls where you will be able to enjoy some delicious local fare.

Best Packages To Get To Enjoy Singapore:

There are a few packages that allow you to enjoy Singapore in its entirety within a solid budget. You’ll be able to make the best of your tour and have a fulfilling time, without any hassles.

Singapore Fully Loaded Packages – Singapore Fully Loaded Tour allows you to explore this wonderful city at a great rate. Enjoy 4 Nights at just Rs. 27999 per adult on twin sharing. The package also contains additional amenities like breakfast, travel, sightseeing and budget hotel stays as well.

Magnificent Singapore Packages – At just Rs.17999 per adult on twin sharing, you’ll be able to enjoy 3 Nights stay in the city. Other amenities also include Breakfast, Sightseeing, Transfers and Budget Hotel stays as well.
Follow the above budget tips in Singapore and enjoy a wonderful holiday at the minimum cost! Select the cheapest Singapore Tour Packages and make this holiday a memorable one.

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