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A popular tourist destination in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a land known for its scenic greenery and beautiful beaches among others. This historical nation is a great place to get away from the noise of the city and be one with nature. It’s a great destination to explore with your friends and family, so ensure you visit Sri Lanka with a nice bunch.

The beautiful country can be easily accessed from India, with plenty of flights operating from the mainland towards Sri Lanka. The best time to visit Sri Lanka really depends on where you’re planning to visit and what activities you’re indulging in.

Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka:

There are many seasons where you can visit Sri Lanka and witness some of its beautiful natural resources. Owing to its proximity to the equator, generally, the best time to visit Sri Lanka can be categorized into the regions of the country you’re visiting. If you’re planning on visiting to see the country without the warm weather, then sometime from December or January can be a great time to take Sri Lanka Package.
The weather during this time is milder compared to the warmer summers and there are plenty of activities you can enjoy as well.

Best Season to Visit Sri Lanka:

The best season to visit Sri Lanka depends on which part of the country you’re planning on visiting. If you’re planning to visit the Western and Southern coastline, then October to March works as the best time. Capital city Colombo, Galle in the south and the western town of Chilaw all experience better weather this time. Since most of the beach hotels are in these regions, this makes it a great time to visit Sri Lanka for its beaches.
As Sri Lanka is an island, you cannot rule out the downpour, but pleasant weather is expected on more days than the former. January to March are also the months when the sea is calmer and provides an opportunity to spot blue whales.

Those looking to party and festive time in Sri Lanka should get there in April, which marks the “New Year” festival, as it is the end of the harvesting season for the Sinhalese. There is an array of gastronomical and social events which are also planned during this time.

March is a good time to visit Sri Lanka if you’re planning on exploring the dense Central Hills region. The towns of Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, and Peradeniya Botanical Gardens come alive during this time. The mountainous region has hills that peak at 300 meters. The hills are much cooler and have an average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.
April to September is the best time to visit Sri Lanka to explore the Eastern and Northern regions. These areas tend to get rainier during the otherwise peak season and from  August to September is the best time for                              Sri Lanka Holidays, owing to dryer weather here.

Peak Season in Sri Lanka:

The best months to visit Sri Lanka are rather complicated as two ends have their own monsoon seasons based on the time of the year. The main southwest monsoon, also known as Yala, hits the south and southwest corners of the country. During this period, the North and Eastern regions have the best time to visit Sri Lanka. You can head to Passikudah and enjoy the beaches which are great for snorkeling and surfing as well.
The other peak season from October to March allows you to visit the more commercial regions, which include the capital city Colombo, and Galle. Galle is an erstwhile Dutch settlement, so you will have a great time if you’re a history lover, viewing the many Dutch-inspired churches, forts, and lighthouses. If you’re a surfing lover and planning for the best Water Activities Packages In Sri Lanka, then a good time to visit Sri Lanka includes the months of November to March on the southwest and May to September to the East.

Off-Season in Sri Lanka:

There are no off-season periods in Sri Lanka as they receive two separate monsoon cycles. However, there is an inter-monsoon period where it can rain randomly without any warning owing to the coastal proximity. This is during the months of October and November and they aren’t considered the best time to visit Sri Lanka.
During the off-season, you could try heading for the hills as they experience pleasant weather almost throughout the year. The hills get super cool during these months with temperatures dropping to single digits on some nights as well. You can enjoy exploring the hills and trekking during these months to get away from the heat of the mainland.

Climate and Weather in Sri Lanka:

The climate of Sri Lanka is generally tropical as it is near the equator. The temperatures of the regions are generally in the high 20s and 30s during summer. However, there are a few months which are considered the best time for Sri Lanka Travel. The monsoon seasons see the temperatures drop down to the mid-20s.
Based on where you’re traveling in Sri Lanka, the weather varies. Overall, the cooler months from October to February are the best time for Sri Lanka.

Thus, Sri Lanka has plenty of activities which can be enjoyed depending on when you want to visit. Choose the best time to visit Sri Lanka based on what works for you and plan your trip well in advance. Choose some of the best      Sri Lanka Tour Packages for a fun-filled and memorable trip to this magnificent island.

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