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Singapore is a picturesque Southeast Asian city that a passionate traveler wouldn’t miss. This beautiful country on the tip of the Malay Peninsula is quite different than its neighboring countries in unusual ways. Singapore mainly out-stands its Asian brethren due to its climate and vibe. In this article, we are going to bring out the best time to visit Singapore.

Best Time to Visit Singapore:

Singapore’s not a very big country. They speak with one voice, and they have a clear idea of what their regulatory environment should look like. There can be several months which can be considered the best time to visit Singapore.

Best Season to Visit Singapore:

Like most of the touristy places around the world, Singapore isn’t known for its immaculate blue skies. Actually, at specific occasions of the year, arranging an excursion here can get slightly muddled. Hence, one should figure out the best time to visit Singapore before planning their travel agenda or Singapore Packages. This city-state favors a consistent temperature of 27°C. Tourists need not fuss a lot about dressing for the climate in a bright Singapore, hence making the entire year a Good Time To Visit Singapore.

Peak Season in Singapore:

Singapore is one of a kind. There may be occasions that can swell up with tourist groups which make certain months the best time to go to Singapore. Apart from the months when peak monsoon hits Singapore, almost all months have some of the other events going on that cater to the needs of different kinds of travelers.
The month of February or rather late January is one of the best times to visit Singapore. This period is just a month prior to the Chinese New Year, when Singapore flaunts stunning lights and adornments around-town, and the roads are loaded up with carnivals and hawkers touting a wide range of products from ceramics, garments and household assortments making it the best time for Singapore vacations and Great Deals On Singapore Packages are available widely.

Good news for all the shopaholics!! June to August also the best time to visit Singapore as the Great Singapore Sale leads to another peak season. There are a wide range of offers such as flat 70% off and expanded shopping hours that the tourists can enjoy at shopping outlets all over the city. This is one reason why the mid-year period is undoubtedly the best time to visit Singapore.

If you aren’t out of those lucky few to catch the June sale, the post-Christmas and New Year clearance sales are also extraordinary chances to avail crazy offers. Early winter comes as the next peak season in Singapore when you can plan your Singapore Trip with glee and excitement.

Things to do During Peak Season:

  • It is generally a good idea to begin your vacation by visiting open-air attractions like the Jurong Park or the Singapore Zoo.
  • By evening when the warmth subsides, you can go to one of the shopping centers like Ngee Ann City.
    By 6:00 pm the temperature progressively cools off making it the best time to visit Singapore. One can now resume outdoor indulgences.
  • There is a lot to explore when it comes to Singapore street food. Late evenings are the best slot if you don’t want to miss out on lip-smacking local cuisine served at attractive shacks.
  • Don’t Miss Out the Singapore Flyer. Singapore’s imitation of the London Eye is one of the world’s biggest joy-ride wheels, at almost 550 feet high. In a perfect ambiance just before sunset when the skyline of the city-center rises and is delicately lit- an experience on this joy ride makes it one of the Best Places To Visit In Singapore. If you are planning on visiting this destination soon, check if your Singapore tour package coincides with this festival to get a glimpse of this iconic festivity in the country!

Off-Season In Singapore:

Mid-January to May: Singapore remains a popular tourist destination all year- round. However, April could be a quiet time to be in Singapore as it doesn’t fall during the usual traveler buzz. This may be the best time to visit Singapore if you want to enjoy a relaxing vacation in Singapore, away from the regular tourist hustle-bustle. However, you can expect high warmth and dampness during this month. Though not the peak season, April can still be the best time to visit Singapore for solo travelers.

August through October, with the exception of mid-September: There is a slight dip in the tourist numbers during pre-fall and late summer. In spite of the fact that the Southwest Monsoon touches base around this time, temperatures are somewhat higher than what you’ll discover during the remainder of the year. Despite the dip in lodging fares around this time, this may not be presumably the best time to visit Singapore.

Things To Do During Off-Season:

  • One should definitely not miss out on the Singapore International Film festival that takes place during April. This festival screens more than 200 global movies with an equal emphasis on popular and critically acclaimed Asian films.
  • If you happen to visit Singapore during Mid-September, make sure to experience the thrill of Singapore Grand Prix- a motor race which forms part of the FIA Formula One World Championship.
  • For a pleasant sightseeing experience, the period May to September should be kept off the list. This is because the smoke and cloudiness from the seasonal fire in Sumatra highlands may cause eye and throat issues. Therefore, weather-wise May-September is not the best time to visit Singapore.

Weather And Climate In Singapore:

Middle of the year is the Best Season to visit Singapore if you don’t want to miss out on cultural attractions. However, Singapore’s multi-ethnic culture is well reflected in a variety of celebrations as the year progresses. For a place as vibrant as this country, there can’t be a single Best Month To Visit Singapore.

In all, Singapore’s ideal occasion goal for a quick binge on things like shopping or exploring cuisines, family trip, or even an island adventure. Planning to visit Singapore soon? Select the best Singapore Tour Packages according to our seasonal guide and enjoy this destination that is extremely diverse in the tourism arena.

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