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Surrounded by towering skyscrapers and exotic land stretches, Dubai offers distinguished tourism. From shopping to entertainment, cultural tours to nightlife, adventures to leisure activities, the megacity caters to a plethora of tourism experiences. However, you can experience this and a lot more, only if you happen to know the Best Time To Visit Dubai. Before you begin planning for your Dubai trip, go through our Best Time To Travel To Dubai guide – don’t regret it later!

Best Time To Visit Dubai:

Being a desert country, Dubai hardly experiences chilly winters or snow. So, the Best Time To Go Dubai can be anytime between the months of November to March. The average temperature remains moderate during the winters which make it a very pleasant time for the tourists to book your Dubai Tour roam around and commute locally. While the month of November subsides the heat waves and gives some relief from the raging Sun, December marks the onset of the festive fervor with clear skies and bright Sun thus being the Best Time To Visit Dubai.

Best Season To Visit Dubai:

Dubai experiences two major seasons, hot summers, and moderate winters. There is no monsoon season in Dubai because of its geographical location, however, there are frequent bursts of showers during the winters. The months of April to May marks the beginning of summers in Dubai when the minimum temperatures remain around twenty-three degrees Celsius to a maximum of thirty-six degrees Celsius. If you’re wondering the Best Time To Visit Dubai, then these two months are probably not the most comfortable ones. However, if you can tolerate the heat and do not mind a bit sun-tanning, then it can be a Good Time To Visit Dubai. After the two preceding summer months, the next three months of June, July, and August are marked as the hottest ones. The maximum temperature during these months even hit the mark of forty-degrees, making it impossible to survive for the tourists who are not used to it. In the month of September and October, the temperature goes down a little, and the days begin to get shorter. While it still remains hot during the day, the evenings are quite pleasant during the night with the temperatures dropping a bit. The month of October can be considered as the Best Month To Visit Dubai for the tropical bees who enjoy the tropical sun and loves to feel the soft gentle breeze. The beginning of the months of November to February, that is, the winter months, are marked as the Best Season To Visit Dubai. If you are planning to visit Dubai soon, then go ahead and book your Dubai Trip along this season. The weather during this season remains quite warm and pleasant for doing some sightseeing tours. There are also a number of events happening during this time of the year which attract tourists from all over the world.

Peak Season In Dubai:

The peak season, that is, the winter months is the Best Time To Visit Dubai. Though regarded as winters, Dubai doesn’t really make the tourists feel chills. There are clear blue skies with bright sunshine which does not penetrate the skin but feels great when basked under. The temperature during this time ranges from twenty-five degrees Celsius to a maximum of thirty-one degrees Celsius which opens a getaway of Dubai Packages to enjoy lounging, desert safaris, and many outdoor activities. It is also the Best Time For Dubai sightseeing because the temperature is mild, and you can walk around and explore a lot on your own. During the afternoon, you can even get a chance to experience splashes of rain showers. If you are aiming to explore a lot, make sure you wear light clothes, hats, and comfortable shoes and put on some sunscreen because you are going to sweat a lot. The party places and dine-out restaurants are among the Best Places To Visit In Dubai to visit at night and terms with tourists during these months.

Things To do In Peak Season:

Attend events and festivals – There are a number of events and festivals that take place in Dubai during these months, making it the Best Time To Visit Dubai. Some of the most notable events are Dubai Design Week, Dubai International Film Festival, Dubai Jazz Festival, and Dubai International Boat Show.

Show enthusiasm in sports events – If you are a sports enthusiast, then this is the Best Time To Visit Dubai because there are a series of sports events happening. Some are Dubai Rugby Sevens, Dubai Marathon, Dubai Desert Classic, Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championship, and Dubai World Cup.

Enjoy shopping – You can set your shopping spree free in Dubai if you visit during this time with the event of Dubai Shopping Festival. The shopping festival continues for a month and more, so anytime between the months of December to mid-February, is the Best Time To Visit Dubai.

Do romantic dinners – You can get a number of scopes to romanticize with your partner in Dubai. The best you can do is to plan a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner, at any roof-top restaurant or private dine-in areas.

Visit art exhibitions – The cultural richness of Dubai reflects in its art. If you love to delve into the artistic finesse, then attend the art exhibitions happening in Dubai during this time or explore some local art galleries.

Off-Season In Dubai:

The summers in Dubai are hot and humid and are thus regarded as an off-season in Dubai. The months of June, July and August are the complete off-season for planning your Dubai trip because the temperature hit the mark of forty-degrees, with humidity reaching its peak. There are hardly any tourists in Dubai during this time. Even the streets remain quite vacant during the daytime because of the raging sun rays which are enough to give you a sunstroke. However, there are still some shoulder months which can be brought under the category of the Best Time to Visit Dubai.  The months of April, May, September,  and October, though quite hot,  can be tolerated. If you want to Visit Dubai On A Budget, then these shoulder months can serve as the Best Time to Visit Dubai. You can even get great discounts deals on your hotel accommodations and Dubai flight tickets during this time.

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