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For every beach person out there, Bangkok cannot be excluded from the list. Being the capital city of Thailand, the city remains flocked with tourists throughout the year. It’s glittering skyscrapers, lip-smacking street foods, serene beaches, and tropical climate, makes it an ideal destination to spend your vacation. The place buzzes with its nightlife and party destinations, and the street markets bustle with the tourist crowd. Though the place is known to be a year-round destination, the Best time to visit Bangkok makes a lot of difference. If you do not want to miss out on the city’s charm, then read our guide regarding the Best time to visit Bangkok on your visit.

Follow our detailed seasonal guide to know the Best time to visit Bangkok!

Best Time to Visit Bangkok:

Located on the delta of the Chao Phraya River, about 40 kilometers from the Gulf of Thailand, the beach city boasts on its possession of sandy beaches. The city experiences a tropical climate and thus, remains hot and humid most of the time. There are three main seasons in Bangkok, which are the dry season, the wet season and the cold season. Among all the three seasons, the cold season which continues from the month of November to the month of February is considered to be the Best time to visit Bangkok.

The dry season, also known as the hottest season in Bangkok, begins from the month of March to the month of June and is a Good time to visit Bangkok. The area experiences overhead sun with moderate rainfall during this time. The month of April is the hottest one with temperatures ranging from a minimum of 25 degrees to a maximum of 35 degree Celsius. Therefore, staying under the sun on the beach, or going out on the streets of Bangkok, can be very tough. However, you can enjoy the nightlife of Bangkok when the temperature goes down a bit. You can also enjoy occasional rain showers in the month of April which tend to become frequent in the month of June.

The month of July to October marks the onset of the wet season in Bangkok. The first two months, July and August can be still there in the guide list of the Best time to go to Bangkok because the area experiences drizzle and light rain showers. Our curators of the Best time to visit Bangkok guide, have considered it to be an off-season as there are only a handful of tourists, and the bars, clubs, and flea markets also remain closed for most of the time. Due to occasional rains and cloudy skies, the weather also remains very humid making it impossible to step outdoors. The rain only gets intense in the later months of September and October. If you are still planning to Bangkok Tour during this time, do not forget your umbrellas and raincoats, and remember to keep yourself hydrated with a lot of water.

The cold season, that is, the months of November to February is considered as the Best time to visit Bangkok due to its moderately cool weather and pleasant sun. The temperature ranges from 22 degrees to 32 degrees Celcius with very fewer chances of rainfall. The warm weather permits outdoor activities and lets you bask under the beach sun for a long time without much tanning. December is considered to be the best month to visit Bangkok because the temperature falls down to 22 degrees Celsius, giving scopes to explore the best places to visit in Bangkok.

Best Season To Visit Bangkok:

Bangkok experiences distinctive weather conditions three times the year namely, dry summers, wet monsoons, and cold winters. Among all of them, the cold season, that is, the months of November to February is considered as the Best season to visit Bangkok. Being a tropical region, the temperature in the colder months does not go down much, making it comfortable for the tourists to survive outdoors. As the rush of the tourist is maximum during this time, you can spot a number of festivals and events taking place, especially the celebrations of Christmas and New Year. This an ideal time to book your Bangkok Trip if you want to experience the ambiance of this city in all its glory.

Peak Season In Bangkok:

To experience the best of Bangkok, it is important that you visit at the right time. The best time to visit Bangkok is during its peak season, that is, during the months of November to February. November marks the beginning of winter season in Bangkok when the skies are clear, the weather is less humid, and there is hardly any rain showers. Moreover, the party destinations and bars almost remains closed during the wet season gleams during the peak season.

Things To Do In The Peak Season:

Shopping – Flea markets and street shops bustle with the crowd day and night, setting on the shopping spree. If you are someone who loves to shop, then it is the best time to travel to Bangkok because the huge shopping malls also tend to host great sales and discounts.

Enjoy the festivals and activities – Though there are other festivals taking place in different seasons, the festive fervor tends to double up during this season, with the onset of Christmas and New Year celebrations. Moreover, you can also indulge in some adventurous water activities like paragliding, surfing, scuba diving and much more.

Go for Sightseeing – The winters are the best time for Bangkok sightseeing. The places which usually remain shut during the hot and wet seasons can be accessed during the winters.

Off-Season In Bangkok:

The off-season in Bali is especially during the months of July to October. The period marks moderate to torrential rain showers so it becomes really difficult to indulge in outdoor activities. The initial months of July and August experience soft rains and drizzles while the later months of September and October, are completely off-season. Moreover, the humidity is also at peak during this season. However, if you are on the lookout for a Budget Trip To Bangkok, then it is the best time to visit Bangkok because the hotel prices are slashed down and the accommodation options are widely available.

Weather And Climate In Bangkok:

The climate of Bangkok is mainly tropical with a prevailing humid weather condition throughout the year. The summers and monsoons are less welcoming with high temperatures and increasing humidity while the winters are very comfortable with occasional rains to plan your beach vacations.

Packed your bags yet? The best time to visit Bangkok has almost crept in! Book your Bangkok Tour Packages and set off to spend your fun-filled vacation amidst the chaotic streets and pristine beaches.

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