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Who doesn’t love to visit the beach especially if it includes a long drive to reach? Even though Hyderabad does not have any beach of its own, there are so many beaches nearby that you wouldn’t mind what’s missing.

The beaches listed in this blog are secluded, unspoiled and make the nicest place to spend time with the important people in your life. Check out these beautiful beaches to make your weekends or any other holidays absolutely perfect!

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10 Best Beaches Near Hyderabad

  1. Manginapudi Beach
  2. Kakinada Beach
  3. Bheemunipatnam
  4. Vodarevu
  5. Uppada
  6. Yarada
  7. Guntur
  8. Machilipatnam
  9. Rushikonda
  10. Yanam

1. Manginapudi Beach

There are many beautiful beaches near Hyderabad but Manginapudi has its own charm. This beach has a different allure far beyond that powdery sands and blue waves. Surrounded by a beautiful lake and river, the beach looks like a paradise on Earth. It is located 11km away from Machilipatnam town. It is one of the most important trade centre and the gateway of India via Sea. Not only the beach but it is a great Historic port city and popular health resort.

Apart from the beach, you can visit a few more amazing places here, like Chilakalapudi Panduranga Swamy Temple in the rural area named Chilakalapudi.

Distance: 353 kms

Reach: It is a two-hour journey, from Vijayawada railway station or bus station. So it is your choice what transport you want to travel from or is comfortable with. You will experience nature’s blessings and the cold fresh air.

2. Kakinada Beach

Every beach is a fun place to explore and travel, and coming to Hyderabad is like you will definitely find many beautiful beaches near this city. Your travel will gradually maximize and you will explore new places. This beach is ready to welcome you and give you the amazing relaxation and happiness of your time. It is located in the Kakinada city which is one of the largest cities and is the headquarters of Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

There are few amazing and great places to explore like Coringa wildlife sanctuary, Godavari delta, and Hope Islands are amazing sightseeing places. Also, try the seafood and many other famous dishes to water your mouth.

Distance: 493 km

Reach: Either go by bus or train, it will take 9 hours 26 mins to reach this place, but you will be amazed by its beauty.

3. Bheemunipatnam

Located in Andhra Pradesh, Bheemunipatnam is a very famous beach near Hyderabad. The beach has remnants of Dutch forts and graves which gives the beach an antique look. The lined coconut trees and sand dunes on the beach give a beautiful backdrop.

Abbreviated as Bheemili, the neighbourhood has many pilgrims for tourists. The beach is located near Gosthani River and has shallow water which makes it perfect for swimming and kayaking. Bheemili was named after Bhima, a major character in Mahabharata.

Distance: 628 kms

Reach: Take a 1-hour flight to Vishakhapatnam and then book a cab to reach Bheemunipatnam which is 40 kms from the main city. You can take a train to Vishakhapatnam attractions too which is a 10-hour journey.

4. Vodarevu

Located on the coastline of the Bay of Bengal, Vodarevu is a beach that is a major tourist attraction. With all the basic amenities around the beach, Vodarevu is a great beach to enjoy with your friends and family. You can book boats to sail in the sea or go swimming, kayaking or scooter ride.

There is a lighthouse situated on the beach which is a great spot to enjoy the views of the sea and the beach. You can climb up the lighthouse and take some amazing pictures.

Distance: 305 kms

Reach: You can drive to Vodarevu by road which will take 5 hours via NH 65. You can also take a flight to Vijayawada and book a cab to Chirala which would take 2 and a half hours.

5. Uppada

As a beach near Hyderabad, Uppada is quite famous for its white sand, longshore and clear water. It is a perfect place to relax and hang out with your family, friends or colleagues. The beach always has people playing cricket, volleyball or other sports. You can also spot joggers who come here for a peaceful jog or to do yoga.

The gradually descending water into the sea is perfect to go for a swim. Another good thing about visiting Uppada is the lip-smacking snacks being sold in the beachside shops. Do not forget to see the golden sunrise and sunset on this beach.

Distance: 497 km

Reach: If you choose to take the road, then it will take 7 hours via NH 65. Alternatively, you can take a bus to Kakinada and then take a cab to Uppada.

6. Yarada

Located in Vizag, Yarada is a beach with golden sand and lush green mountains in the back. The scenic beauty of Yarada is just like a movie, making it a hot attraction for tourists especially honeymooners. Though swimming is not recommended because of the presence of rocks near the sea, you can come to Yarada simply for a walk.

Most families also see Yarada as a picnic spot and come regularly for the same. The golden sand is a unique feature of the beach and makes a great spot for taking pictures.

Distance: 634 km

Reach: Reach Vizag via flight or train and then take a cab or private car to reach Yarada beach.

7. Guntur

Guntur is in Andhra Pradesh and is home to the Suryalanka beach. The district of Guntur has many tourist spots among which Suryalanka beach is one. This makes for a perfect getaway on weekends. The beach opens into the Bay of Bengal and has a wide shore which doesn’t make it crowded even if there are a lot of visitors. The beauty of the beach is magnificent with the small cottages and beach view houses. People come from far off places just to spend the weekends in the cottage. Some other places to visit in Guntur district are Amaravati Museum, Bapatla Suryalanka, Durgi Stone Craft, Ethipothala waterfalls, Guthikonda Caves, Kondaveedu Fort, Nagarjuna Sagar, Undavalli Caves and Uppalapadu Birds.

Distance: 266 kms

Reach: Reach Guntur by road via NH 65 which will take 6 hours of driving.

8. Machilipatnam

A port town in Vijayawada, Machilipatnam is known for its cotton textiles. The scenic beauty is unbelievable making it an attraction for tourists. The beach is located near Krishna delta and is lined with coconut trees right on the beach. Dutch influence can be seen in the place as there are forts and other historic monuments present near the beach.

One of the best activities to take part in is hiring a boat and sailing towards the delta where you will get gorgeous views. A horse ride on the beach is a must, especially for kids. There are other beaches and attractions around for you to explore and extend your holidays for a little longer.

Distance: 340 km

Reach: Travel to Vijayawada via a flight from Hyderabad and then take the RTC bus from Vijayawada central bus station.

9. Rushikonda

Rushikonda is a beach near Hyderabad which offers many fun activities like surfing, skiing and beach volleyball. A good thing about this beach is its pristine beauty which hasn’t been commercialized  yet. If you looking for tranquillity then this is the place for you. Visiting Rushikonda means creating some fond memories and already planning the next trip to this beach. Rushikonda has a lush green background with mango and palm trees.

The food sold near the beach is exquisite and is a must try. You can also visit nearby dhabas to get a proper meal. Other attractions near Rushikonda are INS Kurusura Submarine Museum, Dolphin’s Nose, Kailasagiri, Yarada Beach, Ramakrishna Beach, Bheemunipatnam Beach, Kondakarla Ava Beach, Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary, Gangavaram Beach and Visakhapatnam Zoo.

Distance:  648 km

Reach: After reaching Vizag from Hyderabad, you can take a cab or hire a private car to reach Rushikonda since it lies on the outskirts of the city.

10. Yanam

Yanam beach is located at the meeting of Godavari and Coringa river in Puducherry. The beach is beautiful with three big statues of Lord Shiva, Jesus Christ and Bharat Mata. The beach is picture perfect with shackles and beach beds all over the place.

You can spend the entire day in this place but you will still want to come back on the next day. Being in Puducherry, Yanam has a high French influence because of their French connection. The French lived here for 200 years and to show their French side, the government has even built a replica of the Eiffel Tower which also has a restaurant on the top seating 160 people.

Distance: 403 km

Reach: The most suitable transportation is the railway. It takes 8 hours from Hyderabad to Yanam by rail but the duration can stretch to around 12 hours if you stop on the way. If you wish to take a long drive then take NH 65 and you’ll reach Yanam in 7.5 hours.

In case you are not only looking for beaches, there are many other tourist places near hyderabad you can explore and enjoy the quality time.

So how many places are already on your bucket list after reading this blog? I hope all are. These beaches are a definite visit if you want to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city life to rejuvenate your inner self. If you are looking for more beaches then here are some: Goa, , Gangavaram, Ramakrishna beach, Lawson’s Bay beach, etc. Go and get yourself Relaxed and find some time for yourself.

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