12 Practical Wedding Chair Decoration Ideas for Indian Wedding

wedding chair decoration ideas

Wedding chairs fill up the entire hall. The wedding chairs for bride and groom will be the centre of attention on the stage. You know how important it is to decorate the wedding chairs well. Not to mention, one cannot just let the ideas emerge and take form. We need to think about the expenditure as well. Banquet halls are not cheap, at least, the good ones aren’t. So, spend wisely. Here are some ideas to decorate the wedding chairs, of both, the bride and the groom, and of the guests, at minimum expenditure.

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  1. Lace

Lace looks dainty on any fabric. The bride could be wearing a lacy veil or the chair of the bride and groom, or that of the guests could have lacy borders.


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A wedding is where one gets to flaunt creativity. Tell the decorators about your lace idea and incorporate it in the chairs.

  1. Wreath

Putting a floral or leafy wreath in the centre behind the chair, or on the side, makes the chair appear brighter at once.


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If sticking the wreath behind the chair has become too common an idea, let it hang a little sideways. This wedding chair decoration idea is hassle-free. It is not too creative or unique but simple and quick.

  1. Mason jar vases

Hang a little plant in a pretty mason jar from each chair. You can have a single coloured sapling for all of the chairs or different colours for different chairs.

Mason jar vases

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For the bride and groom’s chairs, make sure you have some perfectly red blossoms. If you are going for a Christian wedding theme, it can be white or peach.

  1. Pearls

Weddings aren’t just about the fun and frolic. To many, a wedding is an opportunity to flaunt their status symbol. If you are one of these people, leave no stone unturned. Use the wedding chairs to flaunt your riches too. Decorate them with a string of pearl each, or with a band of pearls. If you do not want to invest in too many pearls, take a mason jar and fill it up with flowers and leaves and leave a few genuine pearls at the bottom of the jar. This will make a pretty memorable return gift.

If you just want to be creative with pearls but do not want to waste precious money on every detail of the wedding, go for real pearls with the decoration of the wedding chairs for bride and groom. The fake ones are to be left for the rest of the chairs. Make them colourful or arrange them in different shapes of strings. Do not try to pretend they are fake. They are just pearly decorations.

  1. Drapes

Taking the easy way. Satin drapes are cheap and simple decoration items. These props are overused in weddings. They look so boring. But, if you can be creative and choose the right knots and a good colour combination, they can brighten up the entire wedding hall.


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You can tie the drapes around the chairs in the form of a bow, or make snake-like patters, or cover the entire chair up and put some sequins on it. You can make the most ordinary chair look beautiful with drapes. The bride and groom’s chairs should be covered in velvet while the rest can be covered in satin.

  1. Flowers

No wreaths, no mason jars, no mini vases, just flowers. Arrange some assorted flowers to adorn the wedding chairs. Make sure that the colours of the flowers are bright and in clear contradiction to that of the chair so that the decoration is clearly visible.


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If the chairs are made of wood and bear the classic wooden texture, white lilies or a single light coloured orchid can be a very beautiful idea. If the chair is white, red roses are the way to go.

Go bonkers with the bride and groom’s chairs. They are supposed to be entirely covered in decoration. Put as many flowers you want. Make sure they aren’t right on the seat or the handles though.

  1. Bride and Groom Tags

The bride and groom’s chairs can have funky ‘Mr. and Mrs’ or ‘Hubby and Wifey’ tags. They can also be decorated with something like the bride and the groom’s outfits. The groom’s chair can be made to wear a custom-made coat or pagdi.

Bride and groom tags

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The bride’s chair can have a high rise veil. This way when the bride and groom actually sit in their chairs, they will look more prominent.

  1. Bouquet

A beautiful bouquet of flower placed in every seat with a personalised note for each guest, if the seating is arranged according to a seating chart, is a very meticulous wedding décor idea. A little card from the bouquet can confirm the seat for each guest.


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Leave a little vase tied to the back of the chair for the guests to put the bouquet in. Decorate the bride and groom’s chairs with multiple bouquets forming an arch behind the chair. This will make amazing wedding chair images.

  1. Vineyard

For an outdoor wedding, something more natural is what is required than carefully arranged bouquets. A very meticulously grown and put together vineyard that looks like it is stretching from one end of the chair to the other is a perfect natural decoration.


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The plants are real but they are creepers and do not add much to the weight of the chair. It is surprisingly beautiful.

  1. Fabric Braids

You can make braids out of drapes and put them in different shapes to give volume to the wedding chairs. Make use of the wooden or plastic bars at the back of the chair. Do not use a fully covered back or a back with minute gaps. Use one with just some bars so that you can play along with the drapes and braids any way you want.

  1.  Ribbons

Tie the drapes in a ribbon or tie just a satin ribbon to the back of each chair. This isn’t a very new idea again, but the idea is simple and quick. You can make it unique by using three or five colours for the ribbons and using them at regular intervals to form a pattern that will be visible in the wedding chair images taken from the balcony.

  1.  Origami

Hang different shapes of origami from the chairs. This is simple, cute, and affordable. Also, use colourful paper to make things bright.

These wedding chair decoration ideas will surely be helpful. You can add other elements like balloons too, but it makes the air stuffy. You could use battery powered lamps with lampshades handing from each chair but it would be dangerous. So, the ones mentioned are indeed the best options possible for you for making your wedding planning a complete hit.

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